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Is The Price Of Managed WordPress Hosting Justified?

If you intend to run a WordPress site, you may have heard of managed WP hosting plans. But what are they and are they so much different from shared hosting? After all, WordPress doesn’t need

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WPWebHost’s St. Patrick’s Day Promo

Looking to save on webhosting? Check out WPWebHost’s St. Patrick’s Day Promo 2012 where you can double your money’s worth by simply purchasing a 1 year Freedom Plan and you automatically get 1 year FREE.

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100 Things You Need to Know About WordPress by Anthony Montalbano & JTPratt

Anthony Montalbano and JTPratt recently gave a presentation at WordPress Ann Arbor on WordPress Best Practices entitled “100 Things you Need to Know About WordPress“. Their presentation features a comprehensive list of useful WordPress tips,

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WPWebhost All-In-One Saver Plans

Received this in my email last week but forgot to blog about it. Anyways, I wanted to share it with you guys in case you might be looking for a web host to start a