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HowTo: Check/Fix Mac Infected w/ Flashback Trojan

According to Russian antivirus company Dr. Web, there are about 600,000 Macs around the world that are infected by different variations of the Flashback trojan and are now part of a fast-growing Mac botnet. Of

fake itunes receipt

Beware of Fake iTunes Receipt Emails

If you own an iPhone, iPod or iPad then you’re used to regularly receiving iTunes receipt emails on your inbox. Last week, my wife was surprised when she received an iTunes receipt in her email

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Facebook Password Reset Scam

If you receive a password reset email from Facebook on your inbox, be careful! Facebook users are being warned of a malicious email password reset scam that is making its rounds and quickly spreading across

fake wordpress site
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WordPresz.org – Fake WordPress Site

Just found out from Weblog Tools Collection about a certain website with the name WordPresz.org that pretended to be WordPress.org and tried to release a backdoored (trojanised) version of WordPress to unsuspecting users who are

blaugh blogger
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Blogger.com Hijacked by Scammers

Be careful with what blogs you visit. Google’s Blogger.com is reportedly being hijacked by scammers to spread malware through fake blogs. Security experts are calling this the “fake blog scam”. Blog hopping or surfing hasn’t

i love you
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Spread Love not Viruses

The title may be misleading. This post is about computer viruses. In some parts of the world, people are already celebrating Valentine’s Day. During this special day, married couples and sweethearts are not the only