journal crunch wordpress theme
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Journal Crunch WordPress Theme for Portfolios and Magazines

Here’s another beautiful and well-designed freemium WordPress theme courtesy of the folks from Smashing Magazine and Site5. The Journal Crunch WordPress theme is a WordPress 3.0+ compatible, widget-ready, premium-quality, easy to setup and customize theme

Theme Sight
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Sight WordPress Theme for Magazines and Blogs

Looking for a new theme to customize your WordPress powered blog or online magazine? Check out this free WordPress theme designed and created by WP Shower exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers. The Sight

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WordPress Anniversary Theme

Here’s a little trivia for all WordPress users out there. Did you know that the idea of creating WordPress started on January 25th, 2003? On that day, Mike’s single comment on Matt Mullenweg’s blog post

thestyle glider themes
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Latest Elegant Themes: Glider & TheStyle

Just realized while I was browsing through my blog archives that I haven’t published any WordPress theme related posts in a while. Decided feature the latest WordPress themes from Elegant Themes, one of the most

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DevPress – Professional WordPress Themes & Plugins

Good news WordPress fans, DevPress is here! It’s a new site where you can get beautiful WordPress themes, functional plugins and useful WordPress tutorials. Launched yesterday, DevPress a collaboration of 4 guys who love WordPress,

tweet it
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Like it? Tweet it!

Do you have a lot of visitors from Twitter or loyal readers who like to share content to Twitter? Then you probably want to make it easy for these people to share your site or

plugin query
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PluginQuery – jQuery Plugin Search Engine

Looking for a jQuery plugin for your next web or school project? It can be a pain to find the right and working plugin from the Internet but thanks to Pluginquery, you can now easily

tasty showcase theme
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WP Theme Review: Tasty Showcase

I promised my friend Leland of ThemeLab a WordPress theme review a long time ago but due to some circumstances, I wasn’t able to do it. I’ve never forgotten that promise and I always remind

moi magazine theme
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WP Theme Review: Moi Magazine

Of all the theme styles and layouts, my most favorite is the magazine style layout. Today, I’m gonna share with you another freemium WordPress theme with a magazine style layout. Created by WP Skinner, the

freemium theme
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WP Theme Review: FREEmium

Here’s one free WordPress theme I’m sure most of you would be interested in. It’s called the FREEmium WP theme and I tell you the name says it all. First its free for everyone to