What Are Video Game Weapon Skins?

What are video game weapon skins?

If you’ve been playing first-person shooters for some time, you’ve probably heard about weapon skins. They’re a staple of games like Valorant, Rainbow Six, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In every case, weapon skins are purely aesthetic. While they can add some authentic aesthetics to your arsenal, there’s no functional advantage to investing in a flashier weapon skin. However, these dazzling details and unique animations make them a popular option for regular players.

How to Get Weapon Skins

In the case of most titles, weapon skins and bundles need to be purchased directly from the in-game store. This is currently the case for Valorant. However, with games like Counter-Strike, things are a little different. In recent years, a thriving CS:GO skin trading market has emerged, making it possible for fans to access ultra-rare skins if they’re prepared to pay a premium.

Ultimately, the easiest way to access skins is to purchase them upon initial release. If you’re looking to buy Valorant weapon skins, you’ll need a healthy Valorant Point balance at your disposal. Valorant Points need to be purchased with real money. These points can in turn be used to purchase skins.

Understanding Skin Tiers in Valorant

With Valorant, weapon skins are divided into five tiers. Select Edition is the lowest Valorant skin tier. A single Select Edition skin will set you back 874 VP, although you can pick up complete bundles for 3500 VP. Next, there are Deluxe Edition skins, with a single skin costing 1275 VP. Single Premium Edition skins cost 1775 VP, while Ultra Edition singles cost 2475 VP. Exclusive Edition skins don’t come along too often, which explains why Riot Games have been reluctant to commit to a rigid pricing structure. However, as a rule, Exclusive Edition skins are going to be very expensive.

Should I Invest in Valorant Weapon Skins?

Unlike other games, Valorant skins can’t be traded on the open market. This means forking out a small fortune for an Exclusive Edition rifle or karambit won’t bring you six-figure returns in the future. Remember, weapon skin upgrades aren’t functional. Although a premium rifle skin may look different from a budget-friendly model, it won’t make winning a match easier.

That being said, weapon skins do behave differently during play. The majority of premium weapon skins come with unique animations. If you’ve upgraded to a Deluxe Edition knife, expect slick draw animations. If you’ve spent a little extra on a Premium Edition sniper rifle, it’s almost certain to come with distinct sound effects.

What If I Want to Return a Weapon Skin?

Riot Games operates a generous weapon skin refund policy. Provided you’ve not used a skin, you can request a refund on your purchase. However, you’ll need to make your intentions known within 14 days of making a purchase. Requesting a refund is incredibly straightforward. Provided you know which skin you want to return, you can access reimbursed Valorant Points in moments. Need some further guidance on how to get a Valorant skins refund? Our guide breaks everything down to help you on your way.

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