How 5G Has Changed Mobile Entertainment

5G Mobile Entertainment

In recent years, technology has evolved massively, and nowadays, almost the entirety of human knowledge and history is accessible within seconds through a mobile phone. Now, 5G is arriving and seconds might turn into milliseconds. The speed that 5G will bring to everyone is staggering and something we could see worldwide in a matter of years.

The following is a list of ways that 5G has improved entertainment and how it will help develop further

What Is 5G

5th generation of wireless, also known as 5G, is the latest development in cellular technology. It differentiates itself from 3G and 4G thanks to its impressive speeds. It can potentially transmit data at a speed as high as 20 gigabits per second. To put this into context, this means that people will be able to download films in under a second. Just 20 years ago, this would have taken days and even a few years ago it could take hours.

Any technology with this much potential will have an impact on society and it is no different with 5G. A testament to 5G’s influence is the fact that somehow 5G towers have been blamed for the spread of the coronavirus. Of course, this is not true but new technologies can often be intimidating for those who do not understand them.

Online Casino Games

Online casino games became a lot more popular over lockdown and one issue that gamblers experience is long loading screens. The last thing you want when you’re ready to visit the casino is to take minutes to access the game you want to play. 5G eliminates this issue entirely.

Another of the worst issues to experience when gambling is having connection problems after just having won a hand or spin. To be fair, the casino or betting site usually deals with these perfectly well, with the likes of Betfree betting offering a wealth of free bet options, but it would be much better to not have to go through 10 minutes of extreme stress.

Sports Mobile Entertainment

Access To Entertainment

A big way that 5G will influence mobile entertainment is in access to mobile entertainment. For example, online videos will be ready to watch within seconds of turning on your phone which will have a number of consequences. Firstly, it is likely that’s the average attention span will shorten even further because there is no point in continuing to watch a video that you are not enjoying when a different one could be available in seconds.

Secondly, it also means that it will be far easier to upload entertainment to the Internet. Where is before it could be a tedious task to perform with the speeds of five cheat it will be like taking candy from a baby. This is likely to make the divide between two types of content even more obvious: quality content and quantity content. Some will gain an audience by putting out high-quality videos and others will gain an audience by putting out an obscene number of videos.

Sports betting companies and live stream providers like Sky or DirectTV have invested heavily in their 5G offerings, with most offering high resolution streaming possibilities (2K/4K) for 5G users. On the sports betting side of things, companies in the UK like the ones listed here offer a wide range of in-game live betting options and some even offer live game streaming which can be accessed over 5G via their apps. The move from 4G to 5G has increased speed and thus allowed more users to access these historically “premium” services.

Development Of Entertainment

Not only will access to entertainment become a lot easier, but there is also a potential for the development of entertainment that was not previously plausible. Spotify, for example, is one of the world’s biggest music apps and its algorithm is the best in the world.

If you have a Spotify account, then every Monday a new playlist called the Discover playlist comes out, with 30 songs that you would never have heard before. Because you haven’t heard them you won’t have them downloaded to your library and will only be able to listen to them with an internet connection. Whilst previous technologies may take time to buffer, 5G will not which shows one of its biggest advantages.

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