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Blog Updates 05.12

Haven’t posted a blog update in more than a year and I only realized that earlier today when I came across my last blog update. Blog updates are my way of keeping tabs on the

Web Traffic

Secret of Using YouTube Videos to Drive More Web Traffic to Your Site

When you’re looking for ways to better drive traffic to your website, you have to consider YouTube. YouTube is an asset that many marketers have found indispensable, yet many others continue to disregard this top

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Blog Updates 04.11

Wow, time flies so fast! I never realized ’til a few days ago that I haven’t published a blog update for more than a year already. My last blog update was done on November 2009.

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Blog Mobile

JaypeeOnline Nokia Ovi App

I received an email about two weeks ago from a Nokia Ovi specialist asking whether I was interested on having a custom Nokia Ovi app created for JaypeeOnline. I didn’t hesitate and said yes because


Expected Downtime on April 16th

Just want to give you guys a heads up that JaypeeOnline will experience an expected downtime this coming weekend. Servint, my hosting provider has sent me an email informing me that they will be migrating

Guest Blogging

Now Open to Guest Bloggers

Even though I already have two guest blog posts done by my online friends back in 2009, this blog wasn’t “officially” open to guest bloggers. I planned to do it back in 2010 as part


My Blogging Goals for 2011

New year = new challenges and opportunities. For me and this blog, it also means a new set of blogging goals. I do this every year – making a list of blogging goals as a

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Blog Blogging

JaypeeOnline Recap: The Year That Was 2010

Here’s the long overdue, year-end post that I was supposed to publish last week. I started doing this annual recaps three years ago and it has become a yearly habit since then. Like I’ve mentioned


JaypeeOnline Recent Downtime

My apologies for the recent downtime that most of you might’ve experienced here on JaypeeOnline. If you tried to access this blog sometime between 10:00 PM US Pacific Time til 9:30 AM this morning then

plane wing

Vacation Officially Over

Hello World! I’m back. So where have I been and what have I been up to? Like I mentioned in the previous edition of the Weekend Roundup, my family and I went on a vacation.