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I Has Internet Nao

I has Internet nao!* The Time Warner Cable technician came over yesterday morning to install/reconnect the services here in our new apartment. I wasn’t able to work, do any updates the past few days or

blog updates

Blog Updates 01.10

This is the first blog update for 2010 which covers most if not all the changes I’ve made/done to JaypeeOnline since my last blog update back in November. Most of the recent changes were done


My Blogging Goals for 2010

New year, a new set of goals. I created my blog goals for 2009 to motivate and encourage myself to do my best and improve my blog. I made sure that the goals I set

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JaypeeOnline Recap: The Year That Was 2009

I was supposed to publish my year end post last week but like I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I was pretty busy the past couple of weeks with all the family gatherings

happy new year

Happy New Year from JaypeeOnline

Its the first day of January and the first day of 2010. I’d like to this time and opportunity to send my greetings to everyone – my family, friends and regular readers of JaypeeOnline a

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Back From Mini Hiatus and Writer’s Block

Hi guys! I know some of you must be wondering why I haven’t updated the blog or posted anything in almost two weeks. I’m still here and I haven’t given up on the blog yet.

philippine blog awards trophy

Finally Got My PBA Trophy

I wasn’t able to attend and send a representative in the recent 2009 Philippine Blog Awards, so I didn’t get my trophy when my blog won the Best Technology Blog category. A couple of days

blog updates

Blog Updates 11.09

Did my last blog update post about a couple months back and I’ve done some changes to the blog so I decided to do another blog update post. These blog update posts have become a

Blog Web Hosting

Migrated To My New Web Host

If you noticed that this blog was inaccessible in the past 24 hours, its because I’ve migrated it to my new web host. DNS propagation usually takes about 24 hours to take effect, depending on