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Another Warning To WordPress Users

Around three months ago, I posted a warning to WordPress and Joomla users about downloading themes from TemplateBrowser.com which contained hidden spam and malware links. What they did was collect public themes for WordPress and

weekend roundup
Weekend Roundup

Weekend Roundup #7

NOTE: This post was supposed to be auto-published last Friday afternoon but something went wrong and it didn’t get published. My apologies for the delay and for any confusion it may create. Thank God It’s


PayPal Phishing Email

Yesterday, while I was checking my Gmail spam folder I came across an email that’s supposedly from PayPal. It says in the email that my PayPal account has been temporarily blocked because of several login


A New Breed of Comment Spam

Commenting or comments is one of the essential parts of a blog. Weblog owners provide and allow users and visitors to leave comments so they can easily share their thoughts and opinions which encourages participation

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Warning to Joomla and WordPress Theme Users

Found this article from Derek Punsalan’s blog 5ThirtyOne. Templates Browser dot com is collecting WordPress & Joomla public themes and modifying them by inserting hidden spam or malware links that can compromise the end user

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Internet Technology

Spread Love not Viruses

The title may be misleading. This post is about computer viruses. In some parts of the world, people are already celebrating Valentine’s Day. During this special day, married couples and sweethearts are not the only

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Spam Problems? Challenge ’em!

I use Akismet to fight blog spam. These past few days I’ve been getting a lot of spam comments. Yesterday morning alone, I found 61 spam comments caught by Akismet overnight. So far, of the