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Are you a freelance WordPress ninja, theme designer, plugin developer, copywriter or someone looking for any WordPress-related jobs to earn some extra cash? If so, then you’ll want to bookmark and check out WPHired, a FREE WordPress Job Board that offers and searches for WordPress talent. WPHired was created by Jerome Degl’innocenti

People who are looking for someone to help them with their WordPress blog/website can post jobs for FREE on WPHired. The site allows those looking for jobs to easily and quickly find the type of job they’re looking for with the help of filters (Freelance, Full-Time, Part-Time, Internship, Temporary, Latest Jobs) and a section on the sidebar that allows users to browse jobs according to job types, job salary, job category and date posted.

WPHired is a great idea and a very useful resource for the WordPress community. Not only does it help users find the right person to help them with their WordPress-related projects but it also helps freelancers to conveniently find WordPress-related jobs for them. As of this time, there are 237 WordPress jobs listed on WPHired and the latest jobs posted include – Blogger at WPCandy (Internship) and Expert WordPress Developer for the Chicago Tribune (Full Time).

One thing that I think needs to be fixed is job listings should be updated often or automatically. I tried viewing certain available jobs and some of them that were linked to third-party job sites like oDesk were no longer available. Some of the job listing descriptions were too vague or didn’t provide enough information but that falls on the party that listed the job not WPHired.

Kudos to Jerome for coming up with this idea and providing WPHired to the WordPress community.

Any freelancers here who use WPHired to look for WordPress-related jobs? How do you like WPHired? What other features or options should be added to it? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. Danielle Lynn @ Clear Copywritersays:

    I’m not looking for more copywriting jobs – I have more than I can handle.. But I think I’ll hop over there to find some designers I could work with!

    Good post.

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