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Wouldn’t it be cool to find out how many WordPress fans, users, bloggers, developers or core developers come from your area or country? With WordPress World Map, you can do just that. WordPress World Map is a Google Maps powered map with a draggable window that lets WordPress users pin their location. To sign up, you can either use the site’s own registration form or you can choose to sign in using Twitter (you’ll need to allow the site/app access to Twitter). If you sign up/in with Twitter you can follow other users using a Twitter follow icon.

Aside from displaying the location of different WordPress users around the world, WordPress World Map also displays upcoming WordCamps (represented by a WordPress icon on the map). Hovering your mouse over the WordPress icon would display the WordCamp name, date and location. You can change the map view according to your location, region or the different continents – Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America. You can also use filters to view registered users according to roles – fan, user/blogger, developer, core developer or company.

Here’s a screenshot of WordPress World Map with my profile.
WordPress World Map

WordPress World Map
Based on the screenshot above, you can see that the Profile displays the user’s name, WordPress role, date of registration, website or blog URL, Twitter name with follow link/icon and other WordPress users that are located within a 200 mile radius of the user. So far, I only know one person who’s located near me and that’s Frosty – Austin Passy, the organizer of WordCamp LA.

WordPress World Map totally depends on the cooperation and participation of WordPress users, so if you’re a WordPress fan, user/blogger, developer, core developer or company that uses WordPress, I strongly encourage you to join and sign up. I’m thinking that WP World Map would be most useful for people who plan to organize WordCamps or regular meetups in their area.

Sign up with WordPress World Map now!

What do you think of WordPress World Map? Have you signed up already? Have you checked how many WordPress users are located in your area? In what other ways do you think WordPress World Maps can be used for aside from organizing WordCamps and meetups? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. That’s a nice discovery tool, Jaypee. I ignored this post because I thought it was for WP developers, coders, etc. Well, well, well! Really nice.

    @Jhay is so security conscious. LOL.

    It’s great not only for organizing WordCamps and other blog meet ups but also for finding new buddies! Gee, what if I find out an uber blogger lives just a pissing distance from where I live? Highly unlikely, but the thought tickles me. ahehehe. I’m going to pick his brains! Must be uber too, that’s why. :)

  2. well, i think the tool is also a great way to find potential blog roll members, as well as blogs to visit.

    i love the tag line there.. let’s conquer the world :D

  3. WordPress Warriors rolls off the tongue easily, doesn’t it just? This is a great and simple way to immediately identify fellow WP afficionados in your immeadiate area, and a great way for the community to connect with their WP neighbours, so to speak.

  4. It shows a more concrete picture of your blogroll if you ask me.

    And it will make any psycho-killer’s job of targeting and finding WP users so much easier if he so decides to pick bloggers as victims. ;)

  5. That’s interesting. Finding out who uses WP in my location, haha. Not sure what the ultimate purpose is but I guess I won’t find out until I play with for a while:) Thanks, nice find

  6. wohohoho … very good. I’ve tried and proved by WordPress Warriors Worldwide This Map we can see that there are bloggers around the world. Thank you for the information. Regards

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