WordPress 2.0.7 Update

wordpress 2.0.7

Updated: 01/15/07

Just 10 days after version 2.0.6 was released, The dev team released WordPress 2.0.7 to address a security vulnerability that can be caused by certain PHP versions and also to fix the Feedburner issues found in 2.0.6. You don’t have to update all of your WordPress files, only the files listed below.


* wp-admin/inline-uploading.php
* wp-admin/post.php
* wp-includes/classes.php
* wp-includes/functions.php
* wp-settings.php
* wp-includes/version.php

I’ve already upgraded to WordPress 2.0.7 earlier.

Download WordPress 2.0.7

I’ve upgraded WordPress to version 2.0.7. The reason for this is I wanted to make sure that any existing security bugs would be fixed. “Better safe than sorry”, is what they say. This latest version fixes over 50 other bugs from the previous version. Also, if you are using Feedburner and decide to upgrade to 2.0.6 and you would also need this fix.

Anyone else upgraded to the latest WordPress update? Did you encounter any issues or problems on your installation? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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