WordPress Summer of Code 2009

WordPress Summer of Code 2009

Summer is soon approaching and I’m pretty sure students are looking forward to spending their time on the beach, hanging out with friends or staying at home and doing nothing at all.

For those of you who don’t have any plans or don’t have anything to do this summer, instead of wasting time doing nothing why not make use of your time to do something creative, improve your coding or programming skills and at the same time get a chance of earning some cash? Interested? WordPress has something in store for you this summer.

WordPress is once again participating in this year’s Google Summer of Code and here’s your chance to join the WordPress Summer of Code 2009.

College students! Don’t wait for your parents to bribe you; apply to the Google Summer of Code program now! For the third year in a row, WordPress is participating, and this year we’ve got project suggestions ranging from core functionality to plugins and BuddyPress development. You name it, we want you to propose it. It’s true, competition is fierce, but hey, if you’re already hacking WordPress, you’re ahead of the pack as far as we’re concerned. Applications are being accepted as of today, and the deadline is on April 3, 2009. For more information, check out the WordPress Codex GSoC2009 page, where we suggest some projects and let you know who our kingly mentors will be this year. The GSoC FAQ is also a good place to get an overview of the program. To apply, head to the Google Summer of Code application site. Remember, we want *you* to work on WordPress this summer! And College Janes, this isn’t just for College Joes. Female applicants encouraged to apply!

Not only will you be able to improve your coding/programming skills but you’ll also be learning from some of the best programmers around who will be mentoring you on your project.

Mentors for this year’s WordPress Summer of Code:

  • Alex Shiels
  • Andrew Ozz
  • Andy Peatling
  • Andy Skelton
  • Beau Lebens
  • Hailin Wu
  • Jane Wells
  • Jake Spurlock
  • Joseph Scott
  • Lloyd Budd
  • Michael Adams
  • Nick Momrik
  • Nikolay Bachiyski
  • Ryan Boren
  • Sam Bauers
  • Thorsten Ott
  • Demitrious Kelly
  • Mark Jaquith
  • Peter Westwood

If you’re interested and would want to know more about the WordPress Summer of Code, check out the WordPress Codex GSoC2009 page and if you’re already decided to join, you can apply via the Google Summer of Code application site.

I wish I had this kind of opportunity back when I was in college. If I had the chance of joining this year’s summer of code, I’ll be working on a Windows Mobile version of the WordPress for iPhone app and will call it the WordPress 4 WinMo. I’m just thinking out loud, but I do hope someone will come up with something like this for WordPress users who use Windows Mobile.

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  1. wow, wish that i have that skill to kill on some contest like that and take home the cash..well, this is one disadvantage on my part…ehehe

  2. @joie – I can make the plan but I don’t know how I could implement it. Hehe I don’t have the coding/programming skills to do it. I’ll need someone to help me. Thanks anyways for the kind words and encouragement. :)

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