WordPress Shirt: Why Red?

Red WordPress Shirt

A few days ago, WordPress announced the launch of their newest product, the red WordPress tshirt. Aside from the new design and color, what makes this shirt special is the fact that it is now available for international shipping. Previous WordPress shirts were only available to folks in the United States.

I was excited when I first read the announcement and thought of getting one. But when I saw that the shirts were only available in red, I changed my mind. I don’t look good in red and my favorite color is blue. I’ll probably get one when they make them in blue, white or black.

Why red? Don’t ask me. I’m also confused. I don’t understand why WordPress would sell red shirts when you won’t even see any trace of red in their website, logo or any WordPress related product or service. The only reason I can think of is maybe red is Matt’s favorite color, as you can see in his blog. Hehe

This limited edition WordPress shirt, made by American Apparel come in both mens and womens style. These shirts would be available for a limited time only and will never be printed again once they’re gone. So if you like it, better get one while you can.

image source: WordPress Shop

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  1. @Vending Man – Yeah, a navy blue shirt would’ve been better but now I understand why they chose red. I think they’re trying something different coz the previous shirts were in black, white and blue. But I do agree with what you said about having a unique design for limited edition shirts. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. I’m with you, a navy blue shirt with a white WordPress logo would look better. if they want limited edition, do something different, not just a boring color.

  3. same here, i dont look good in red, pfft! i would prefer blue, white and other light pastel colors.

    gusto ko nyan, ayoko lang ng kulay :)

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