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Mark Ghosh of Web Tools Collection announced today the launching of WordPress Jobs board beta version.

Mark explains what WordPress Jobs is about:

The site is intended to be used as the primary location for employers looking for professional WordPress help to post their needs and for WordPress professionals to find, apply for and obtain jobs in WordPress. We have focussed on aesthetics, ease of use and consolidation of resources in developing WordPress Jobs. Feeds are available for every job category to make it easy for job seekers to find and apply for the right jobs as quickly as possible. We will also advertise jobs from WordPress Jobs on weblogtoolscollection to increase exposure.

WordPress Jobs features categories like WordPress Design Positions, WordPress Programmer Positions, WordPress Blogger Positions and General Positions. All these categories are divided into full time and part-time job types. You can post job openings for free while WordPress Jobs is in beta.

As this service has only been launched, there only a few jobs listed on WordPress Jobs board right now. Just wait for a few days or weeks and I’m sure it’s gonna get filled up with different job listings.

Check out WordPress Jobs

What do you guys think of the WordPress Jobs board? Would you consider using it either as an employer looking for someone to hire or as a WordPress professional looking for some freelance work? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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