WordPress for iOS 7 Now Available

wordpress for ios7

Now that iOS 7 has been released to the public, many app developers have also started releasing iOS 7 friendly versions of their apps. One of them is the WordPress for iOS app.

The WordPress for iOS dev team has been working on this version the past few months, making sure that it would work well with Apple’s latest mobile OS. WordPress for iOS 7 version 3.8 doesn’t bring a lot of changes from the previous release. Just a few bug fixes and a new UI (user interface) adapted to iOS 7 that provides users a brighter and fresher app experience.

Here’s what Hugo Baeta, the person leading the design of this release has to say:

The app now uses the Open Sans typeface, the open-source font that works so well on WordPress.com. We also updated all the colors, bringing a brighter, fresher feel to the app experience. (And while we were at it, we fixed a few pesky bugs.) We think you’ll find the new app experience cheerful, consistent, and intuitive.


wordpress for ios7wordpress for ios7

wordpress for ios7wordpress for ios7

wordpress for ios7wordpress for ios7

Another thing worth mentioning is that the updated app now uses the Open Sans typeface, an open-source font that is also used on WordPress.com. Kudos to the dev team for doing a great job with this release.

Did anyone install or upgrade to the latest version of WordPress for iOS 7?

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