WordPress for iOS 2.8.1 Now Available

WordPress for iOS 2.8.1

Heads up for those of you who use the WordPress for iOS app, a new version was released yesterday – WordPress for iOS 2.8.1. I found out about it when I was updating my iPhone apps and I was surprised to see the update because there was no announcement posted on the WordPress for iOS website or any mention on the Other WordPress News section on the dashboard.

WordPress for iOS 2.8.1 includes the following patches and fixes:

  • Fixes crashes around the Quick Photo feature
  • Improved stats charts (number formatting, better labels)
  • Minor fixes for Quick Photo
  • “Rotation bug” fixed

IMPORTANT: WordPress for iOS 2.8+ could be the last version to support iOS 3.x so if you have an older iPhone model be sure to make a backup and have a copy of the app.

Just upgraded the WordPress for iOS app on my iPhone to 2.8.1 and everything seems to be working fine, no issues, crashes or any types of problems.

WordPress for iOS 2.8.1 is now available on iTunes or via the App Store.

Anyone else upgraded to WordPress for iOS 2.8.1? Did you encounter any issues or problems during and/or after the installation process? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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