WordPress for iOS 2.7

WordPress released an update to the their iOS app last Wednesday – WordPress for iOS version 2.7. Found out about while I was checking and updating the apps on my iPhone. This latest update is focused to improve the app’s performance and reliability, it includes fixes for more than 100 bugs and 117 changes/improvements.

Aside from realibility updates, WordPress for iOS 2.7 includes some UI (user interface) improvements like “Pull to refresh“, which allows the user to refresh the page by just simply pulling it down until the arrow flips around and releasing it. Another one is a redesigned Post Editor interface that makes it easier for users to write/edit posts. I like the new Post settings, Preview and View/Add media attachments icons at the bottom of the Post Editor because it looks cleaner, more organized and less cramped. Btw, with WordPress for iOS 2.7, you can now upload multiple media objects at once.

WordPress for iOS 2.7 is now available on iTunes or via the App Store.

Anyone using WordPress for iOS 2.7? What do you think of the bug fixes and new improvements? Have you encountered any issues or problems? Is this latest version of WordPress for iOS more stable than previous versions? Please share your thoughts.

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