WordPress for Android Now Available for Nook Color/Tablet & Kindle Fire

WordPress users who own the Nook Color/Tablet or Amazon Kindle Fire would be pleased to know that the WordPress for Android app is now available for their devices. This was announced earlier today by the WordPress for Android dev team.

Now for the Nook Color/Tablet and Kindle Fire, too!

We’re happy to announce that WordPress for Android is now available for the Nook Color/Tablet and Kindle Fire. The 7″ screen on these tablets makes an excellent home for the all-new Dashboard UI that we added in WordPress for Android 2.0.

We paid special attention to the post editor on theses devices, enhancing the layout to make it super simple to edit your post content in either landscape or portrait orientation. You’ll find everything there that you’d want in a WordPress app, including support for editing post content, adding media, viewing your stats, comment notifications, and more.

I’ve been using WordPress on my rooted Nook Color so this isn’t really something new. However, this is good news for Nook Color/Tablet and Kindle Fire owners who haven’t rooted their devices as they can now download the app from the Nook Store or Amazon Appstore and install on their device.

WordPress for Android
New Post
WordPress for Android
WordPress for Android
WordPress for Android

I personally like the design of the UI (user interface) of WordPress for Android better than that of WordPress for iOS especially the main page or dashboard. I also like the ability to access the real dashboard via the Dashboard icon/shortcut, because it lets you access parts of the blog that aren’t available on the app – other settings, themes, plugins, etc.

IMO, the WordPress for Android’s usability and functionality is definitely much better on a tablet than on a smartphone – enhanced layout and bigger screen makes it easier to create, view and edit posts and navigate through sections. I think its safe to say that the same is true for the WordPress for iOS app which is easier to use and works better on the iPad than on the iPhone unless you only use the app for moderating comments.

WordPress for Android is now available from the Amazon Appstore and Nook Store.

Did anyone try the WordPress for Android app on their Nook Color/Tablet or Amazon Kindle Fire? What are the features you like? What other features would you like to see added on future versions? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. I haven’t tried this but i think i must have it. I’ve been looking for some decent blogging apps and I guess this one will finally fulfill my quest :) Thanks JP.

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