WordPress for Android 4.9 Now Available

WordPress for Android 4.9

If you’re using WordPress on an Android device, you’d probably be interested to know that the dev team recently released WordPress for Android 4.9.

For users who have devices compatible with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the fingerprint scanner can be configured to unlock the lock screen instead of a PIN code. You’ll know that this feature is available when you the fingerprint icon on the WordPress app lock screen.

Aside from that cool feature, the dev team has also made some changes to the Media Library that includes better handling of multiple photos & video uploads resulting in a better overall experience. The detail screen has also been redesigned for a cleaner look and adapting the material design.

Below are some bug fixes and minor changes included in version 4.9:

  • Fixed issue of posts getting deleted instead of being moved to the trash.
  • Fixed bug that asked users with Author role for credentials.
  • Fixed issue of some sites not recognizing the WordPress app browser and content being hidden (Facebook videos) when opening external sites from the app browser.
  • Fixed problem involving avatars not showing up in the Comments list.

If you’d like to upgrade your mobile app, you can download WordPress for Android 4.9 from the Google Play Store.

For those of you who like to test out new features and try out new UI (user interface) changes before they are released to the public, you can get access to the beta versions of the WordPress for Android app and receive updates straight from Google Play. Beta testers not only get to try out new features but also get to help find possible bugs/issues and in turn help improve and accelerate app development by providing valuable feedback.

If you’d like to be a beta tester, you can request access via the official WordPress for Android Google+ Community.

Anyone else downloaded, installed, or upgraded to WordPress for Android 4.9? How do you like the new features? Did you experience any issues with the new version? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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