Heads up to all WordPress users on Android! The dev team just released WordPress for Android 4.7 earlier today. This update contains a lot of new features and improvements and is now available at the Google Play store.


stats widget
One of the main new features in WordPress for Android 4.7 is the new Stats Widget which allows users to view blog stats right from the Home screen without having to open the WordPress app. The Stats widget displays site views, visitors, likes and comments which are automatically collected and updated every hour.


notification filter

Another new feature is the Notifications Filter bar that provides users a quicker way to look for specific notifications – follows, comments, etc. saving them time from scrolling through all notifications within the app.

If you’re interested in trying out pre-release versions of the WordPress for Android app – testing new features, checking out new UI designs/layouts, then you can request to become a beta tester. You’ll have access to the latest beta versions (updated directly from the Google Play Store) and get the chance to help out in not only trying out the new features but also finding possible bugs and flaws, providing valuable information to the development team, and helping the development of the app. Click on the link below to request access from the official WordPress for Android Google+ community.


Anyone else using the WordPress for Anroid app on their mobile device? Have you already upgraded to version 4.7? How do you like the new features like the Stats widget and Notifications Filter bar? What other feature/s would you like to see added in future releases or updates? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

[image source: WordPress Mobile Apps]

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