WordPress for Android 5.2 Now Available

wordpress for android

Heads up to all WordPress users on Android! The mobile dev team has just released WordPress for Android 5.2 and is now available for download from the Google Play Store.

This update features an updated Account Settings screen that lets you change your email address, primary site and web address directly from the mobile app.

  • Email address – The primary email address that is associated with your account. This information is not displayed publicly and if you decide to change it, you will receive an email notification to verify it.
  • Primary site – If you have multiple websites, this is the one that you use most often. It can be changed anytime, just select from a list of all your sites.
  • Web address: The URL (Uniform Resource Identifier) that is displayed when you leave comments on other blogs.

Other changes include a new font type used within the app UI (user interface). In the past, the WordPress app used the Open Sans font and is now replaced by the Roboto font which is the default font for Android.

wordpress for android 5.2

For all user-generated content like reader comments and post editor content, the devs have decided to keep using the Merriweather font. If you’re interested to learn more about different fonts used by WordPress, you can check out the WordPress.com Design Handbook.

The dev team has also removed the “auto-share” and “post signature” settings from the Settings screen.
Get WordPress for Android 5.2 from the Google Play Store

Anyone else upgraded or installed WordPress for Android 5.2 on their mobile device? How do you like the new changes and updates? Do you prefer the Open Sans font or the Roboto font? What new features or fixes would you like to see in the next update? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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