WordPress 4.3 Beta 1 Now Available

The final version of WordPress 4.3 won’t be due until next month. However, if you can’t wait that long to try it out you can download a copy of WordPress 4.3 Beta 1 which was released by the dev team earlier today.

Below are some of the new features and changes that will be incorporated into the final release of WordPress 4.3. The dev team is still working on it and they need all the help they can get to iron out all the issues and squash all bugs, so if you decide to try it out make sure that you give some feedback regarding your testing experience.

  • Menus can now be managed with the Customizer, allowing the administrator to preview changes made without affecting the live site and disrupting site users/visitors.
  • Site Icon feature allows the user to take control of the site’s favicon and app icon from the dashboard or admin area.
  • Better Passwords – WordPress will now limit the life time of password resets, it will no longer send passwords via email and will generate & suggest secure passwords.
  • Editor Improvements – specific text patterns will automatically transform as you type. Examples are using * and – will transform into unordered lists, 1. and 1) into ordered lists, > into blockquotes and one to six number signs (#) into headings.
  • Improved List view across the admin dashboard – when viewing posts and pages on smaller screen devices, columns aren’t truncated and can be toggled into view.

For WordPress developers, below are some of the few changes that you guys can test out.

  • Taxonomy Roadmap: Terms shared across multiple taxonomies will now be split into separate terms on update to 4.3.
  • Added singular.php to the template hierarchy as a fallback for single.php and page.php.
  • The old Distraction Free Writing code was removed.
  • List tables now can (and often should) have a primary column defined. The dev team is working on a fallback for existing custom list tables.

Again, a friendly reminder. This software is still in development so it’s strongly recommended not to install it into a live or production site. If you want to test it, you should create a separate test site.

For those who will be testing WordPress 4.3 Beta 1, in case you find any bugs or issues you can post it in the Alpha/Beta area of the WordPress support forums.

Download WordPress 4.3 Beta 1

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