WordPress 2.5 RC 2 + Screencast

It seems that the long wait for WordPress 2.5 is still not yet over. Inspite of the delay, WordPress users should be happy to know about the new features that it will include once it gets released. For now, you can try it out for yourself if you download the WordPress 2.5 Release Candidate 2 which was released earlier today.

Below is a screencast made by Matt Mullenweg, showing off the new dashboard and image uploader in WordPress 2.5.

I admit that the first time I saw photos of WordPress 2.5’s dashboard I wasn’t that impressed. I was expecting it to be more “pretty”. However, after installing RC1 on my sandbox and seeing this screencast, I’m actually starting to like it. I like the way the content are displayed in the dashboard’s main page because it looks cleaner, more organized and easier to access.

If you watched the screencast you would’ve seen that with WordPress 2.5, you can edit the Incoming Links and choose between Technorati or Google Blog Search. You can also make the WYSIWYG editor into full screen mode which is handy when you’re composing a long post and/or if your computer has a small screen (Asus Eee PC). The new image uploader is really cool! Although I don’t use it in my blog, I’m sure many WordPress users can’t wait to get their hands on it and would find it very useful.

The suspense is killing me. Can’t wait for the WordPress 2.5 to be released so I can install it here on my blog. While waiting for it to be released, make sure that your blog is ready for WordPress 2.5. Btw, you can get a copy of WordPress 2.5 Release Candidate 2 here.

Have you tried the RC versions of WordPress 2.5? What are the new features that you like or dislike? What other options/features do you think should be added/removed from WordPress 2.5? Please share your thoughs via comments. Thank you!

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  1. @trench – Who isn’t? Hehe Btw, you can check the Plugin Compatibility list in WordPress.org to see if the plugins you’re using have issues or not. If they’re not listed, the only way to know is to download RC2 and install it on a test blog and test the plugins there. :)

  2. @benj – That’s also how I felt the first time I got a glimpse of WordPress 2.5 screenshots. However, after using it on my sandbox I’m starting to like it.

    I’m not sure if Blackmilk will still work on 2.5 coz there are many changes made to the admin page/dashboard code. If you can’t learn to like the default look, you can try the Fluency admin theme that’s compatible for WordPress 2.5. :)

  3. @deuts – Of course you would! Hehe you’re definitely one of the bloggers who will benefit from this new image uploader. Having a separate gallery is also not a bad idea but it’s totally up to you, it’s your blog. ;)

  4. @jhay – Hehe you have a point but I think any blogger who uses a lot of photos on his posts can still benefit or find this new image uploader very useful.

    I’ll pass on RC2. I’ll just wait for the final version of 2.5 to come out, then I’ll download and install it. :D

  5. I think I would love the “gallery” feature of this one. Was contemplating about having a separate gallery and installing zenphoto in it, but I guess I now have to think twice!

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