WordCamp Philippines 2010 Breakaway Talks

WordCamp Philippines 2010

WordCamp Philippines 2010 which is scheduled on October 2nd at the College of Saint Benilde, Manila, Philippines re-opened its registration yesterday, August 16th. If you’re a WordPress user, developer, fan, advocate based in the Philippines or someone who would like to know more about WordPress then this is THE EVENT that you wouldn’t want to miss.

With that said, the organizers of WordCamp Philippines 2010 also recently released the list of speakers and topics for the Breakaway Talks which will be divided into three tracks: Basic, Advanced and Developer. Below is the complete list of speakers and topics for each track:

Basic Track

WordPress Setup and Maintenance by Winston Almendras
Thinking of starting your first WordPress blog? Bring your laptop and we’ll make sure you have a blog up and running before lunch time.

Anatomy of a WordPress Blog by Micaela Rodriguez
Posts vs Pages, Categories vs Tags. Can’t tell the difference? This talk is for you and as a bonus, we’ll teach you how to upload a plugin.

WordPress in the Wild by Jonel Uy
The Official Gazette of the Republic of the Philippines, The Wall Street Journal Magazine, The PlayStation Blog, Best Buy, Mashable.. What do all these heavyweight sites have in common? They’re all powered by WordPress. See real world examples of WordPress sites and how easy it is to set one up.

Advanced Track

Integrating Social Media by Misty Belardo
A talk on blogging and how you can integrate social media into the mix. Includes strategies on how to get people to leave comments and interact on your blog.

Plugin Must-Haves by Hans Koch
Find out the most essential plugins your blog will ever need to succeed.

Corporate Blogging with WordPress by Regnard Raquedan
Learn the importance of blogging in the corporate culture and how it can help your business.

SEO, Optimizing Ads, and Blog Flipping by Rocky Tayaban
Essential SEO strategies that matter with discussions on SEO techniques that don’t work. Plus ads optimization and blog flipping.

The Internet is not just for Porn (Videos can be wholesome, too!) by Kring Elenzano
A step-by-step tutorial on how to do a simple video blog but make it kick-ass at the same time.

WordPress as CMS by Kevin Codamon
A case study on how Level Up!, the country’s first and biggest online games publisher, started using WordPress as a content management system (CMS) during a time when local companies still relied on proprietary software.

Stats, Hits, Likes: Semantics and Sentiment in WordPress by Marck Ronald Rimorin
Leverage your blog’s traffic with social media, hits and statistics analysis.

Add Muscle to your WordPress Site by Gail Villanueva
Take your WordPress site to the next level by adding options to post templates. Learn techniques on utilizing WordPress as a powerful CMS for jobsites, e-commerce sites or portfolio blogs.

Photoblogging with WordPress by Juned Sonido
Includes the who, what, where, when and why of photoblogging via WordPress. Technical and fun at the same time.

Blogging with Passion by Jayvee Fernandez
Learn how Jayvee Fernandez evolved and turned blogging into a medium for things he is passionate about.

Developer Track

WordPress Theming and CSS Techniques by Elaine Poh
A talk on theme design. See real examples and learn how to achieve the same effect with CSS techniques and plugins.

Customizing a WordPress Blog with Themes and Plugins by Jonas Roque
Case study of Facebuko.com. Learn from Jonas on how to transform a default WordPress installation into a niche site.

Optimizing WordPress Webserver Performance by Eric Malloy
Optimizing WordPress webserver performance with PHP-fpm nginx and memcached with discussions on common security exploits and how to protect against them.

If you’re planning to attend or have already registered for this year’s WordCamp Philippines, the sign-ups for these scheduled breakaway talks will open really soon so watch out for it. Please take note that once you’ve signed up and finalized, you won’t be able to change schedules. Talks have limited slots so make sure to book your preferred topics/talks ASAP.

Aside from these breakaway talks, there will also be a few talks scheduled for the Plenary Session. Last but not least, WordCamp Philippines 2010 attendees will also get to hear Mr WordPress himself – Matt Mullenweg.

The organizers have prepared a very interesting and exciting lineup of speakers and topics for WordCamp Philippines 2010. I really wish I could attend, but I guess I’ll have to wait again til next year.

Anyone here planning to attend, have already registered or who’s speaking at WordCamp Philippines 2010? Which topic or topics would you want to listen to if you had the chance to attend the event?

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  1. @Rocky – You’re welcome! Wish I could attend the event and listen to you and other speakers. I’m sure you’ll meet a lot of cool people there. WordPress users are cool, right? Hehe

    Btw, all the best on your talk. More power! :)

  2. @Lyle – Thanks for answering dimaks’ question. How’s the organization and preparation going? I’m sure this year’s WordCamp Philippines will be much better than last year’s and will be a huge success. :)

  3. Hi Dimaks. WordPress security is covered by Eric Malloy’s talk entitled Optimizing WordPress Webserver Performance under the Developer Track.

  4. @dimaks – Yes, WordPress bloggers and users in the Philippines shouldn’t miss this event, especially you my friend! So are you gonna be attending?

    Btw, Lyle (one of the organizers) answered your question. Hehe

  5. indeed an event that should not be missed. well, i don’t know if i missed it somewhere but i guess blog security will not be touched in the talks?

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