WordPress 2.2.1 – Upgrade Now

As most of you already know, WordPress 2.2.1 was released yesterday. This version is not only a bug fix release but also includes patches for several vulnerabilities. As usual, everyone is advised to immediately upgrade their WordPress installations.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Atom feed validation fixes
  • XML-RPC fixes
  • Widget backward compatibility fixes
  • Widget layout fixes for IE7
  • Page and Text Widget improvements

click here for the complete list of bug fixes.

Fixed Vulnerabilities:

  • Remote shell injection in PHPMailer
  • Remote SQL injection in XML-RPC Discovered bwy Alexander Concha
  • Unescaped attribute in default theme

If you were having problems trying to access this blog earlier, that was because I was in the process of upgrading my installation to WordPress 2.2.1. The upgrade went well and smooth, with no problems whatsoever. Btw, the “Deactivate All Plugins” button really helps when you’re doing an upgrade. I hope that they included the “Activate All Plugins” in the next version.

Another thing you can do before upgrading is to backup all important files like the wp-config.php file, wp-content folder, .htaccess file and other custom files. By doing this, you can be sure and feel more secure in case something wrong happens during the upgrade process.

Still using an old version of WordPress? What are you waiting for? Download WordPress 2.2.1 and upgrade your installation now!

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  1. @iRonnie – I don’t remember having any problems when I upgrade to WordPress 2.2.1.

    Maybe you can check with your web host if they upgraded PHP or did any changes that could have affected the PHP mailer which WordPress uses to send the notifications which is also used by the contact form.

  2. hi jaypee. did you encountered any problem with the notifications and contact form when you installed 2.2.1?

    i co-admin another wp site running in 2.2.1 and it seems that we are not receiving email through the contact form? also, no notifications are arriving.

  3. @Karlo – Whenever it involves securities issues and vulnerabilities, it’s always gonna be worth the time. :)

    @trench – I know, makes life easier, doesn’t it? Hehe :D

  4. @deuts – It doesn’t take much time to do an upgrade. You do have a good and stable Internet connection right? Just a few minutes to remove the old files and upload the new ones then you’re done. :)

    So have you found a new webhost?

  5. How I just wish I had the luxury of time to upgrade to the latest version. I think I should wait till I can finally transfer host, and hope everything will go smooth!

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