50 Million Websites & Blogs Powered by WordPress

WordPress 50 Million Blogs

Last Sunday July 11, WordPress reached another milestone – the total number of WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress blogs have passed the 50 million mark with fifty percent. Of that number, fifty percent or half of it are self-hosted blogs.

Based on statistics, WordPress now powers 14 percent of websites in the world wide web. WordPress.com users publish an average of 500,000 new posts and 400,000 new comments each day while 285 million people view/visit WordPress.com blogs each month generating more than 2.5 billion pageviews.

Here’s an excerpt from Matt Mullenweg’s post regarding this WordPress milestone:

..we passed over 50,000,000 websites, blogs, portfolios, stores, pet projects, and of course cat websites powered by WordPress..It’s always fun to pass a big round number and over the weekend many libations were consumed with friends old and new, but ultimately the press has always been more concerned with those top-line numbers than we have in the WordPress community. More sites being created is a good benchmark for our adoption, but ultimately WordPress matters not for the blogs it creates but for the lives it affects. We have some huge opportunities this year, particularly around making our software more accessible to the next 50 or 500 million people who want to have a voice online…

Other statistic that some of you might find interesting – WordPress.com blog posts are written or published in over 120 languages. Here are the top 10 languagesEnglish 66%, Spanish 8.7%, Portuguese 6.5%, Indonesian 3.5%, Italian 2%, German 1.8%, French 1.4%, Russian 1.1%, Vietnamese 1.1% and Swedish 1.0%.

This milestone is definitely a great day not only for founder/creator Matt Mullenweg and the rest of the Automattic & WordPress teams but also for the entire WordPress community.

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