WP Theme Review: Victoria

Victoria is a unique WordPress theme from Andrew Eglinton of Desperate Curiosity.

Victoria is a magazine-style WordPress theme with a classic feel, based on the DP Shiny Theme by Frazier Media. Posts are separated into two main columns with blog entries on the left and feature articles in the main top window and right-hand column.

Basic Features:

  • Supports Flickr thumbnails
  • Rotating header image
  • Extensive footer with links & archives
  • Tested on Firefox, IE 6 & 7
  • Ad free


WP Theme Victoria

My Take:

Although the author of this theme has done his best to simplify and make it lightweight & user-friendly, the Victoria theme still needs some customization before you can start using it. IMO, what makes this theme less attractive is the fact that it doesn’t work out of the box and because it’s not widget-ready. I know that a lot of WordPress users depend on a lot of widgets for their blogs these days.

Despite of all that, the Victoria theme is without a doubt a beautifully designed WordPress theme. And hats-off to Andrew for doing an excellent job of creating a new and beautiful theme out of the DP Shiny theme. If only he wasn’t that busy, I know this theme would be a much better theme. Btw, I give this theme a 3.5 out of 5.

NOTE: If you do decide to download and use this theme, don’t forget to you read the included instructions and make sure that you follow them carefully.

Check out or download the Victoria theme for WordPress.

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  1. @Susanne – This theme is quite unique and making it widgetized would take a lot of time and effort unless the theme author himself would do it.

    Thanks for the info and for dropping by! :)

  2. I love this theme and use it on my personal blog susanne.ws
    I agree I would just love to have it widget ready but it is OK on this blog. It is for my own pleasure and fun only.
    OK if you guys would like some aphrosidiacs recipes then take a look a the webiste :wink:
    And right now there is a cool contest with the prize: a customized and SE optimized WP theme.

  3. I love themes that come plugin ready. I have most of the common ones installed and i dislike having to code pages to make them work. Having all that all ready in the pages just makes it simple to use. Drop it in the themes folder and your done!

  4. That’s a gorgeous theme! I’ve been looking for a new pre-made theme to hack and put my own personal touches… That one might just fit my taste and requirements. Hmmm… thanks for the info!

  5. @Avy – Thank you! Yup, personalized it a bit so it won’t look like the same with other blogs using this theme. Hehe :)

    The author of this theme, Brian Gardner really did a good job.

  6. @K – Thanks for the compliment! I did choose this theme for that particular reason. About the “bottom” thingy, the original theme didn’t have it. I just added it myself. Hehe :D

  7. I’d like to say, this new theme of yours is absolutely PROFESSIONAL looking. I like the 3-column minimalist looking sidebars. It’s clean except (no pun intended) that the bottom archives looks a bit ‘outside’ the entire platform but I like the text-ads plasterring in the sidebar and inside the post.

    If only I have my own domain – I’ll pick this theme too.

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