WP Theme Review: So Delicious

Recently, I did a review of a WordPress theme called Deliciously Blue. Now, here’s another “delicious” theme that I’m sure many of you guys are gonna like. So Delicious is a 3 column, Web 2.0 styled theme from Web 2.0 Themes.

The So Delicious theme was initially not intended for public distribution but after receiving lots of requests, the guys from Web 2.0 Themes decided to release this theme to the public.

Basic Features:

  • WordPress 2.1+ compatible
  • Tested on IE 6 & 7, Firefox and Opera browsers
  • Bottom bar
  • Post date icon


WP Theme - So Delicious

My Take:

So Delicious is a one-of-a-kind theme. What I love about it is the design and layout is unique and original. It has custom-made icons for post date, post author, comments and categories.

It also has a cool feature in the upper right corner of the theme that displays the current time and date, with the clock displaying hours, minutes and seconds. I’m not sure how it gets the time but it could be through the internet or from the computer that the person is viewing it from. So Delicious is also optimized for Adsense and other affiliate ad programs. The author has specified areas or spots in the theme where you can place your ads. All you have to do is copy and paste your ad code.

The only downside to this theme is that it’s not a widget-ready theme and I know that many WordPress users nowadays use a lot of widgets. However, the author did mention plans of widgetizing it so we might see a widgetized version soon. So Delicious has a nice color scheme but I’m sure some folks would want to have it in a different color. It would be nice to have color scheme options.

Last but not least, I give the So Delicious theme a 4 out of 5 overall.

Check out or Download the So Delicious WordPress theme.

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  1. @MaryJane – Yeah, I saw that black version too. I think they purposely made a few changes so it won’t look exactly the same as their own blog. Anyways, if you know a bit of CSS and HTML, you can alter it and make it look the way you want it to be. :)

  2. On their website they are showing a Dark version of this template. The only thing that bugs me a bit is when it gets released differently than presented on the website. Like when a creator uses it on their website and you fall in love with the way it looks. Then when they finally decide to release it they change/alter it in some ways that make it less appealing. There are a few minor things with this theme that was changed on the design you download.

    Its free so i cant complain though. :razz:

  3. most probably in the computer (time and date) unless it uses a javascript that is linked to a time zone. cool theme. i always like clean themes with dashes of dark hues in it. :)

  4. @trench – Really? You can wait for the widgetized version. Hopefully the author can release it soon. I have no problems with themes that are not widget-ready since I don’t use any widgets. :)

    @Ade – Download and install! :D

  5. I was very close to using this theme until I found out it wasn't widgetized when I visited the site a few days back. Im so spoiled with the widgets now, Im lazy to code my own sidebars! lol

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