WP Theme Review: Sakura 3 Columns

A few months back, I featured the Sakura WordPress theme and many of you liked it especially the ladies. Well here’s a treat for you. The guys over at area381 has finally come up with an update, a 3 column version of Sakura.

This new version of Sakura now has 2 sidebars and is still widget ready so you can put more widgets to heart’s content. Sakura 3 columns theme has also been tested in all major browsers namely IE 6 and 7, Firefox, Opera and Safari. Flock users don’t have to worry because if it works with Firefox, I’m sure it’ll also work with Flock.

WP Theme Sakura 3 Columns

My Take:

I liked the previous version of Sakura and like this even better because of the additional sidebar. It gives the user more space to display their stuff and not cramp it all on one sidebar. One thing that I think the authors of this theme should add is navigation menu which can be placed on the header right below the blog title and description. I think adding that would make it more user-friendly and give easy access for visitors. Maybe we’ll see that in a later version of Sakura. Like it’s predecessor, I give the Sakura 3 columns a 4.5 out of 5.

Oh yeah, another thing. I think it would also be nice to see this theme in a different color scheme. What do you guys think?

Check out or Download the Sakura 3 columns WordPress theme.

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  1. Hi Jaypee, I’ve decided to start a blog and wanted to have it in a darker-tone that the usual ones, so i was thinking if i could get a copy of onemorerevision’s dark theme. thanks a lot! :razz:

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