WP Theme Review: Rhea v1.0

It’s been a while since I did a WordPress theme review. This time, I’ve chosen the Rhea v1.0, which is a three columned theme released by BlogOhBlog last month. This theme features soft colors and rounded edges which makes it pleasing to the eyes.

New WordPress theme – Rhea V1.0 is now available for public download! This is a Widget ready, Three-column theme with soft colors and rounded edges. We have made a special provision for you to add a Lightbox image gallery to the sidebars. You can download the Nextgen Gallery plugin and then go to the widgets section to add it to your sidebar.

The Rhea WordPress theme requires the Nextgen Gallery plugin for the Lightbox image gallery found in the left sidebar which you can easily add as a widget. This theme has been tested on Firefox, Flock, IE 7 and Opera.


WP Theme Rhea v1.0

My Take:
Rhea v1.0 is a simple but pretty theme that will definitely appeal to most bloggers. It’s easy to customize and you can make it look even better if you can create a custom header yourself or have one made for you. You can also change the background color or use a patterned background to make it unique and different from other blogs using the same theme. This theme has a lot of potential, just use your creativity and imagination.

Even if the default setup requires the Nextgen photo gallery plugin to run the photo gallery in the left sidebar, it doesn’t mean that you need to have a photo gallery. If you prefer not to have it, you can easily replace it with something else. You can move the right sidebar contents there and because this theme is widget-ready, you can use it for your widgets. And if you’re running ads on your blog, you can use that space for Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser or banners for other affiliate advertising.

Great work Jai! I’m sure a lot of WordPress users are both happy and thankful that you’ve created this theme. I give the Rhea v1.0 a 4 out of 5.

Preview or Download the Rhea v1.0 theme for WordPress.

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