WP Theme Review: Redoable 1.2

A couple months back, I featured Redoable 1.1, a 3-columned, widget and module ready WordPress theme built around the code of the popular K2 theme. I know many of you guys liked it except for the dark color scheme and lack of options to change the color scheme. Well, Dean Robinson, the creator of the Redoable theme has addressed that issue, fixed several bugs and added several more features with the latest version, Redoable 1.2.

WP Theme Redoable 1.2

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the spacing problems between sidebar modules.
  • Fixed the problem that was causing the wrong comments to be displayed with each post (yay!)
  • Corrected the behaviour of links in the sidenotes column to closer reflect my initial intentions.
  • Fixed the margins to remove scroll bars when viewed at 1024×768 resolution.

Added features:

  • Added Technorati ‘blog reactions’ to posts.
  • The dynamic style option allowing you to choose between 16 different colour combinations for your blog right from the admin area. Both light and dark schemes are available.
  • Several new admin options including the ability to turn off the ‘Get Firefox’ banner, to use a custom logo in the header, and to configure your badge farm.
  • The sidenotes column (only visible on the homepage) is now widgetised!
  • There is now an alternate page menu that can be displayed in a row below the header instead of in the top right corner.

New plugin support:

  • WordPress Download Monitor – since switching to this plugin my downloads have been working brilliantly.
  • Twitt-Twoo – update and display your twitter status in the sidebar of your blog.

My Take:
Dean Robinson did a really great job with Redoable 1.1 but he has outdone himself with this latest version 1.2. Not only has he fixed most if not all the known bugs, but he has also added several cool features. But the feature that stands out is the option to change color schemes with 16 different color schemes to choose from.

Check out the changelog.txt for full details. Or if you wanna know more about installing and upgrading, visit the Redoable homepage.

Preview or download the Redoable 1.2 WordPress theme.

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  1. “Fixed the spacing problems between sidebar modules.”

    There still seems to be a spacing problem between widgets in the sidebar of Redoable 1.2. Anyone else notice this. (Not the pre-loaded widgets but if you instead specify widgets in admin)


  2. @benj – I love grey too, especially with clothes. I love grey t-shirts. When it comes to blogs, grey is okay with me but not my first preference. I know you'll find a color scheme that you like in Redoable 1.2 :D

  3. Here's the deal, I love grey! I like looking at it, wearing shirts of that hue and owning stuff that are gray.

    Does it make me want to read it? Hell no. But since there are other color combinations I might try this one out. hehe

  4. @trench – Hehe..you just changed your theme right? :D Yeah, the color options makes it really tempting.

    @Euri – You can request to have it added on WP.com :)

  5. @jhay – Yup, the added features are really cool. Especially the 16 color schemes. I'm playing with it on my sandbox. :D

    @ade – You're current theme looks pretty fine to me and suits your blog well. But if you think this theme is better, go ahead and use it! Hehe :D

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