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One Room WordPress Theme

Time for another WordPress theme review. There are so many free WordPress themes released these days that its hard to keep track of all of them. The theme I’m reviewing today was release early this year. Its a 3 column, widget-ready theme called One Room created by Jeremie Tisseau of Web kreation.

Here’s a short intro from the theme author:

I am very pleased to release my new WordPress theme, “OneRoom“, a three columns theme with fixed width and widget-ready.

I wanted to design a new theme months ago but actually never had time to work on it. And then, I was moving to Thailand and another couple of weeks past. But now I have settled in Thailand and had no reasons to postpone that job any longer.

I hope you will like this theme as much as I do.

Basic Features:

  • Widgetized Sidebars
  • Built-In Author Section in Sidebar
  • Built-in Gravatar Support for Comments
  • Custom 404 error page
  • Built-In Banner Ad Blocks
  • Left Sidebar for PostMetadatas

One Room WordPress Theme

Post page
One Room WordPress Theme

My Take:
The One Room WordPress theme is another excellent addition to the list of freemium (free & premium quality) themes available to all WordPress users. Design-wise, One Room is top notch and can easily be mistaken as a premium WordPress theme. I really like the gradient/texture used in this theme and also its typography.

Basic features include widgetized sidebars, built-in author section (top of sidebar), built-in gravatar support and built-in banner ad blocks. I like what the author did with the style of the comments section and how the gravatars are positioned and displayed on the left side of the comment. Gives the theme a different look from other WordPress themes. Also, trackbacks and pingbacks are separated from regular comments so you don’t have to worry about tweaking your theme to address that issue.

Aside from the readme.txt file in the theme download the theme author has provided a Usage page that contains a few FAQs to help users and also a link where you can download the logo PSD file so you can customize it for your blog. The author also provided a Typography where users can see samples of the different image classes, headers and other tags that you can use to manipulate the theme’s typography.

Another thing I like about this theme is the custom 404 page. The custom 404 page displays a custom message and displays a list of the recent posts, pages, archives and categories. A 404 page is something that many bloggers take for granted and its good to see that the theme author has included a cool custom 404 page in this theme.

One thing that I think some users might have an issue with on this theme is the left column. The author designed the left column that way to serve a purpose and to complement the overall design. However, some users like to maximize the space used by their themes and don’t like the amount of space used by the left column. This is something that will be a problem based on the user’s preference.

Overall, the One Room WordPress theme is an excellent theme. Kudos to Jeremie Tisseau for creating such a pretty theme and for sharing it to the WordPress community!

Preview or Download the One Room WordPress theme.

NOTE: This theme was scanned using the Theme Authenticity Checker and doesn’t contain any hidden or encrypted code.

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  1. I am currently playing around with a premium theme, and One Room really caught my eye as an unbelievably decent theme, that is free to boot! It is really easy on the eye, and I like thye way the comments section has been pimped out. WordPress rocks, and the magic theme designers are making using the WordPress framework is just unbelievable!

  2. Nice review! I like the way this theme looks. It’s simple, but with a little flair. I like the way it puts the content into the forefront.

    P.S. Thanks for helping me with my Feedburner image problem the other day. That was kind of you!

  3. Interesting theme. I liked the way you categorized these freebies as “Fremiums”, haha. Keep them coming. I am still searching for “the one”, make sit sound like I am looking for something inside a matrix, lol

  4. I used this theme before, but the left column is the prob. It’s too big and waste of space.. If you combined the left and right column width it is almost as big as the main content. The main content should be a little bit bigger. Anyway the concept of this theme is good.

  5. i agree with what you said about the theme jaypee. Before reading your review i also noticed the space on the left column. but aside from that the theme belongs to freemium theme..

  6. These are all excellent themes. For HTML challenged persons like me, we wouldn’t know if there are indeed encrypted codes in the themes. Could you also write about how to detect these? It would be most appreciated. All the best.

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