WP Theme Review: Deliciously Blue

Deliciously Blue is a 2 column, widget-ready WordPress theme from my friend J David Macor.

I have finally done it! For a long time now, I have been meaning to take my “Deliciously Blue” XHTML template and convert it into a WordPress theme. Not only was it my favorite template, but it has had well over 20,000 downloads, so some other people must have liked it as well. So at long last, I have made a Deliciously Blue WordPress theme. I chose to use the theme framework from the Glossy Blue theme which was made by N. Design Studio. It is incredibly extensible and has ton’s of great built in usability.


  • Built in Recent Comments
  • Built in style for Top Commentators
  • Supports WordPress widgets
  • A print stylesheet
  • A 3-columned bottom bar


WP Theme Deliciously Blue

My Take:

I love the Deliciously Blue! Of course, I love anything that’s blue but still the color and design of the Deliciously Blue theme is really pleasant to the eyes. The simple design doesn’t compromise the usability and customization of this theme. Aside from supporting widgets, this theme is easy to customize. Not being biased here but I won’t hesitate to recommend the Deliciously Blue theme to other bloggers.

One thing that I think can be improved or changed is the layout width. I agree with one of the visitors who commented about making the layout a full-paged theme with the content and sidebar positioned relatively instead of having it in a fixed width. I think this would make the theme look more fluid. because right now the bottom bar looks like a box that’s out of place. Maybe we can see this changed in a later version of Deliciously Blue. For now, the theme still looks great and functions really well. I give this theme a 4 out of 5. Good job J David! Looking forward to more WordPress themes.

Check out or Download the Deliciously Blue theme for WordPress.

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  1. I was also considering this theme before I've decided on my current theme. I chose my current theme because of its simple white. The keyword here is "SIMPLE"! :)

  2. @Ralp – Pareho tayo blue and favorite color. Hehe :D

    Btw, if you decide to use this theme and need help with the modification or customization, just let me know and I'll try my best to help you out.

    @jhay – I know you also like this theme coz it's simple and neat, right? Let me know when use this theme. :)

  3. wow ang ganda nung blue. Hahahaha sakto blue pa man din fave ko. im thinking of using it. kaso i dunno how to modify it. Hahaha!

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