WP Theme Review: Bloggingstream

WooThemes, has been very busy this year creating and releasing several premium WordPress themes one after the other. Their latest premium WordPress theme called Bloggingstream, was released a couple days ago.

Bloggingstream caters to both those irregular personal bloggers, as well as the more serious publishers. The theme, which sports a nifty, integrated lifestream and sidebar video player, can be used for personal blogs, whilst also satisfying your online magazine needs. The 7 ad spaces definitely contributes to the bottom line as well…

BloggingStream Premium WordPress Theme

Unique Features:

  • 2 different layout options for both the featured area, as well as the header
  • 7 ad spaces (468×60, 300×250, 125×125) in total
  • Sidebar video player
  • Integration of a lifestream
  • 2 widgetized areas (homepage middle column, site-wide sidebar)
  • 8 custom Woo widgets
  • 11 great colour schemes to suit your site identity

Standard Features:

  • Integrated Theme Options to tweak the layout, colour scheme etc.
  • Automatic Image Resizer (dynamically creates thumbnails for blog posts on home page)
  • Threaded Comments for WP 2.7
  • Trendy drop-down menu’s for your main navigation
  • Custom Page Templates for Archives & Sitemap
  • Built-in Gravatar Support for Comments
  • Integrated Banner Management script to display banner ads

Ad Space:

  • 300×250px MPU in the featured area (only for alternative layout)
  • 468×60px in the header besides the logo (alternative header layout)
  • 468×60px after every single post
  • 125×125 widget (upto 4 ads) which you can place in any of the 4 widget spaces.

Other Color Schemes:

BloggingStream Premium WP Theme Blue Color Scheme

BloggingStream Premium WP Theme Red Color Scheme

BloggingStream Premium WP Theme Green Color Scheme

BloggingStream Premium WP Theme Blue Color Scheme

My Take
Bloggingstream is another cool magazine style premium WordPress theme that packs lots of features including 11 different color schemes. The default color scheme background is white with black text and other color schemes include – blue, purple, red, green, rust, chocolate, baby blue and grey.

With all the unique and standard features found on this theme, you’ll be able to customize it and make it look and work according to your preference or your blog’s content. Bloggingstream will also work for either a news/content driven blog or even a personal blog for those bloggers who like magazine-styled themes. It also has a lifestream section below the homepage that displays your social feeds, photos and other stuff from your social network accounts.

Widget lovers aren’t left in the dark as Bloggingstream is widget-ready and was created with 2 widgetized areas – the middle column on the homepage and site-wide sidebar. It also includes 8 custom Woo widgets. If you want to customize it further and add other widgetized areas on the theme, you might want to check out my post on How to Widgetize WordPress themes.

And for those of you who have banner ads and other advertisements on your blogs, there are several pre-installed ad spaces on different areas on the blog where you can display your choice of ads. All you need to do is provide the ad code in the Bloggingstream theme settings page. Talking about the theme settings page, all WooTheme premium themes have its own settings page where you can control and customize how stuff are displayed on your blog. The theme I’m using right now, FreshNews is also from WooThemes and the settings page makes it easy for me to make changes to some parts of the theme.

Some of the nice features in the Bloggingstream theme are the drop-down menu for the main navigation which makes it easy for readers and visitors to see sub-pages or sub-categories on your blog, automatic image resizer for blog posts so you don’t have to manually edit your post images, support for threaded comments on WP 2.7 and the built-in gravatar support for comments.

WooThemes has a permanent 2-for-1 offer so if you decide to purchase Bloggingstream or any other WooThemes premium WordPress theme, you can get another theme for FREE! And you have lots of excellent choices from the WooThemes gallery of premium WordPress themes. When you purchase or subscribe to their theme club, not only will you get well coded and designed themes, but you also get good customer support from Woo ninjas via the WooThemes forum.

Preview or Purchase the Bloggingstream Premium WordPress theme from WooThemes.

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  1. @trench – You’re welcome! Glad I could provide you guys several options for WordPress themes. So you got the Yamidoo theme huh? It is a nice theme and I was supposed to do a review about it but was too busy.

  2. Thanks for the opportunity to look at this theme. I had almost purchased it but opted for Yamidoo Magazine Theme instead. This theme was a bit too simple for me.

  3. @trench – Reboot on 7milesdown? Nice! I’m looking forward to it. You seem to be doing good, having $500 on advertising. You certainly deserve a treat and this time it comes in the form of a premium theme. :D

  4. I'm looking to reboot the 7milesdown.com theme for summer. This is definitely one the list. I sold a few ad spots for over $500 on 7milesdown this year so I have some flexibility. This is another excellent option!

  5. @jhay – Yes, another cool theme from WooThemes. I remember you bought your first premium WordPress theme from them, right?

    Ah yes, typography. I know how very particular you are when it comes to that aspect in themes. Hehe

  6. Another great theme from Woo Themes, the front page is awesome! Too bad I almost would say that I'd go for this theme because it suits me, the irregular blogger. The only thing that keeps me away is the typography, of which I am quite obsessive about in themes. ;)

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