WooThemes Happy Easter Promo

To celebrate Easter, WooThemes is having a weekend sale on all their premium theme packages and club subscriptions. Instead of the regular 2-for-1 promo where you can purchase two premium WordPress themes for the price of one, this weekend they’re offering a 5-for-1 promo for any of their WordPress theme packages plus 20% off club subscriptions.

Here’s the full details of the WooThemes Happy Easter Promo:

  • Standard Theme Package – $70 for 5 themes.
  • Developer Theme Package – $150 for 5 themes and their Photoshop files.
  • Enterprise Themes – $160 (20% discount).
  • Standard Club Membership – $85 start up fee and $15/monthly subscription with access to 90 themes (20% discount).
  • Developer Club Membership – $140 start up fee and $20/monthly subscription with access to 90 themes and their Photoshop files (20% discount).

If you’ve been waiting or wanting to purchase a premium WordPress theme from WooThemes, now is the best time to do it. You don’t often get this much discounts on beautiful quality premium WordPress Themes. Of course, all of this includes access to the WooThemes support forum and help from the Woo ninjas.

NOTE: This offer is valid until Monday, April 25th.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the WooThemes Happy Easter promo get 5 premium WordPress themes for the price of 1 or get huge discounts on WooThemes club subscriptions!

Go and check out the WooThemes Happy Easter Promo

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