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If you’re a WordPress theme developer or flash developer, then you’ll most probably like what I’m gonna share today. Most WordPress themes we see around the web are made with HTML/CSS. Flash-based WordPress themes are rare because it takes a lot more time and effort to make them. With SWFPress, WordPress theme developers and flash developers can now easily create flash-based WordPress themes.

What is SWFPress?

SWFPress is a framework that allows flash developers to very easily create flash-wordpress themes. The themes behave in the same manner as normal html wordpress themes, you upload the theme zip to the wordpress themes page, and activate… done!

How do you use/install SWFPress? The SWFPress package is basically a “blank flash WordPress theme“. After you download it, all you need to do to integrate the XML flash theme into SWFPress is copy over all template files, edit a config.php file and create the XML files. SWFPress takes care of the rest – admin pages, content and storage.

SWFPress Menu Settings

How does it work?

SWFPress generates XML files for the flash theme using the information that the buyer puts into his / her settings, and the content of the blog. As XML files are generated, and are configured to the exact format that the flash theme uses, in most cases, flash will not have to be opened once for you to create a SWFPress theme from an existing flash XML theme. The one thing that your theme has to be able to do is read the location of the MAIN xml file from flashvars that will be dynamicaly created from swfpress, but a lot of themes already support parsing the location of the main xml file via flashvars, and for themes that don’t offer this, it takes only minutes to implement this in your theme.

SWFPress generates a tailored options page for your theme that can be accessed under the appearance menu, the options page includes a system for the user to setup their menu structure, and to change all the settings that you have made avaliable for your theme.

How easy is it to implement?

And for the author? … well the work is very easy… you only have to put your flash files in the dedicated content folder, edit a config.php file and create the xml.php files. SWFPress is designed to allow you to have complete control of the formatting of the xml files, this is so that already existing flash xml themes / website templates can be very easily adapted for use with the SWFPress framework and quickly distributed as WordPress-Flash themes.

SWFPress can be used FREE of charge for commercial and/or non-commercial web sites, themes, services, software, etc. as long as the end users are not charged a fee of any kind to use your site/product/service or gain access to any part of it. Otherwise, you’re required to purchase a Corporate Membership. Full licensing details here and membership details here.

To learn more about SWFPress and read a more comprehensive guide, check out the Screenshots & Features page. You can also try out the SWFPress Demo.

What do you think of SWFPress? Anyone here tried creating a flash-based WordPress theme using SWFPress? Please share your thoughts.

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  1. @trench – I agree. I also prefer fast loading themes and websites but this package is not meant for everyone and only for those who plan to implement Flash on WordPress themes. I also see many clients who prefer to use Flash so as a webmaster/web developer, this product only helps them cater to their customer’s needs. ;)

  2. @John – Google claims to be able to read into flash files now and webmasters can use deep linking and provide specific URLs on swf files so if done properly, I think it won’t matter if Flash is combined with WordPress.

  3. John @ Bacolod Bloggersays:

    What would be the implications of having wordpress combined with flash in terms of SEO? Lots of stuff have changed over the years, Flash is actually getting reduced to photo galleries in terms of webpages..

  4. @Kayle – I agree. Flash-based websites/blogs look nice but will have problems with SEO if the techniques are not properly implemented or if the webmaster doesn’t know what he/she is doing.

  5. That is actually pretty cool, bringing cms into flash. But i don’t think many sites will only use flash, especially with the new css3 and html5. It will also hurt the seo of the website, even though google claims to be able read flash.

  6. @Jhay – Yeah, Flash-powered sites are not as popular before but there are still some who prefer to use it and these package enables webmasters to quickly and easily create Flash-based WordPress themes.

  7. Looks handy enough. Though I have outgrown my fondness Flash sites. Despite the broadband connection, I still find such sites slow to load and troublesome if you have missing plugins and stuff.

    But definitely, this could lead to a whole new breed of WP themes with fancy flash elements.

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