WordPress.com Stats Plugin Upgrade

WordPress.com Stats Plugin

The developers over at WordPress.com just announced today that they have updated the WordPress.com Stats plugin.

We updated the WordPress.com Stats plugin just a little bit today. Now, instead of redirecting you to dashboard.wordpress.com, the stats are loaded in an iframe on your own blog’s dashboard. You still have to be logged into wordpress.com to see your stats. If your plugin version is 1.0, you should upgrade to 1.1 to see the changes. Just replace the old stats.php file with the new one.

When I first installed and tried this plugin, I didn’t like that it had to redirect to my WordPress.com dashboard just to check my stats, so I uninstalled it. It’s good that this update addresses that issue and gets rid of the redirect although the plugin still requires the user to be logged in to the WordPress.com account. I think I’m gonna give it a try.

Download or upgrade to WordPress.com Stat 1.1 now!

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  1. @SELaplana – Are you sure you installed the plugin correctly? Or when you’re in the dashboard, look at the upper right corner and check which account you’re looking at. It could be that it’s showing you stats for your WP.com account instead of your own hosted blog.

  2. i am still wondering what’s the problem of it. there’s no stats actually. my daily visitors said to be 0

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