Akismet 2.2.1 – Now With Stats

Akismet 2.2.1 Spam Graph
Spam comments graph

Was checking my WordPress dashboard earlier today when I saw a notification for a plugin update. When I checked on the Plugins page, I saw that it was an update for a newer version of Akismet, version 2.2.1. I did the upgrade via the automatic (one-click) upgrade feature of WordPress.

After the upgrade process was over I went back to the main page and I noticed that there was a new tab that says “Akismet Stats“.

Akismet stats track your comment metrics, including missed spam, false positives (Akismet thought it was spam, but you disagreed), and Yummy Pie, which displays your ham vs. spam count in a nifty pie chart.

When I clicked on the tab, I was surprised to see that Akismet now has a dedicated page to display graphs of spam comments, ham comments, missed spam and false positives and also includes a pie chart showing the percentage of spam and ham (legit) comments. Aside from that, there is also a table located below the graphs that display the historical statistics for spam, ham, missed spam and false positives divided into monthly numbers.

Additional screenshots:

Akismet 2.2.1 Ham Graph
Ham comments graph

Akismet 2.2.1 Historical Statistics
Historical Statistics table

My Take:
Other WordPress users may find the Akismet Stats feature useful but personally, I don’t have any use or need for it. Why? Because I don’t see what this new feature can do to help me better manage my comments and fight spam. I love Akismet and what it does to keep my blog spam-free, but this new feature is something I can live without. For now, all I need is to be able to check the spam queue for ham (legit) comments and be able to retrieve them. That’s unless the folks from Automattic comes up with new features for Akismet that will help WordPress users in improving comment management and battling spam.

What about you guys? What do you think of this new feature added to Akismet? Do you or would you actually use it and check statistics for spam or ham comments? Please share your thoughts and thanks for your time!

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  1. @Susan – Based on your comment and from the installation instructions of that plugin, I believe you missed one of the steps for installation. After you activate it from the Plugins page, you’ll have to Options and configure your site in order for this plugin to work.

    Here’s the plugin’s installation page from WordPress Extend.
    alt text The step I’m talking about is step #4 which you didn’t mention on your comment. Let me know if you get it to work or not.

  2. What am I missing when it comes to activating a plug in on wordpress website? I have uploaded the “search everything” pluggin into the plug in directory. It is now visible on the wordpress dashboard under pluggin. I activated it. Then what? What’s the next step? How do i customize it so that the search button appears on the webpage?

  3. @K – When you said you still get spam, do you mean that spam comments get past Akismet and are displayed in comments awaiting moderation? I got rid of that problem a long time ago. I’ll share with you guys how I did that in a future post so watch out for it. :D

  4. .. and it’s funny, I updated mine and still get spams all over again. I removed the akismet button on my sidebar just because it makes me mad. Hehehe.

  5. @Michael – That’s exactly what I mean. I do appreciate what the folks from Automattic are doing in trying to improve Akismet but this new feature is something that isn’t that useful for most WP users.

    You’re welcome and thanks for dropping by! :)

  6. I agree. It does not seem like there would be a very practical application for a graph displaying this information. It seems almost like a pat on the back for askimet. I do, however, appreciate the fact that askimet is trying to improve their services, even if this specific upgrade isn’t the one we are looking for.
    BTW Thanks for the information, I didn’t know there was an update!

  7. @Joie – I clicked on the Akismet Stats tab coz I was curious to see what was in it but now that I know, I won’t even bother to open it again. Yes, as I said in the post some WP users would actually like or have a use for this. :)

  8. i really didnt bother.. I even didnt open that Akismet stat tabs.. but for the sake of those people who are curious about their stat.. i think that’s OK.. :D

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