Weekend Roundup #8

For this week’s roundup, I made sure that I published it myself and didn’t rely on auto-publish feature so it won’t get delayed like what happened last week.

That’s all folks. Stay safe and I hope you all have a great weekend! :D

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  1. @K – That’s good! Btw, what version were you using before you updated and to what version did you update to? Practice makes perfect. The more you do updates, the easier it gets. :)

  2. @sylv3rblade – Oh I see. I didn’t know there was a HTML view. I guess I didn’t spend too much time playing around with it. Hehe

    Anyways, thanks for the info. I’ll try Live Writer again later and I’ll also take a look at BlogDesk. :)

  3. Actually you can add codes because WL Writer supports HTML view as well as inserting HTML snippets. The best feature I’ve found for the Writer so far is native tables support XD. I hated the WP-Tables plugin before 2.3 so I looked for alternatives.

    Currently the only program that’s almost at par with WL Writer is BlogDesk. Just look at the review here if you’re interested.

  4. @sylv3rblade – I see. I’ve tried Live Writer but I don’t like coz its a WYSIWYG editor like WP’s visual rich editor which I never use. I like adding the codes and stuff myself.

    Thanks for the heads up! I’m planning to do the update later today if I have time. :)

  5. Yep. I’m a Live Writer user.
    It was a hassle to write your post there THEN save it as draft and edit online just so you can add tags on it. Now it’s all smooth sailing.

    If you guys plan to upgrade to 2.3 be warned that ALL plugins that use wp_categories will simply stop working.

  6. @K – It’s not compulsary but it’s imperative that you update your WordPress installation if it includes security fixes and WP 2.3.1 includes one.

    Btw, what version are you using right now?

  7. @McBilly – You’re welcome! I guess I checked too early because when I checked it again earlier, my PR dropped to 4. :(

    Yes, they’ve been updating blogs and good for you that you’ve gained a PR 3. :)

  8. Hi Jaypee. Thanks for the inclusion bro. It’s good that your PR remained a steady PR 5. :mrgreen:

    For me, I got a boost from PR 0 to PR 3. I guess, Google is really updating it currently.

  9. @sylv3rblade – Yeah, they’ve released 2.3.1 while I haven’t even updated to 2.3. Hehe

    You seem happy about the tagging support for Windows Live Writer, I assume that you’re using it? Btw, thanks for dropping by. :)

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