Weekend Roundup #56

Howdy folks? How’s everyone doing? Hope everyone’s having a good weekend so far. I’m doing good right now but my thoughts and prayers are with my fellow countrymen in the Philippines who have been hit by calamities the past few weeks. First was typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) that caused the worst floods in years, then the 6.7 earthquake and just the other day, typhoon Parma (Pepeng) that hit Baguio, La Union, Benguet and other nearby areas. I heard that around 200 people died from the landslides caused by typhoon Pepeng. I also found out that my father and some 300 delegates who attended his seminar are stranded in Baguio. My friend Gem who lives in Baguio, is also one of the residents affected by this recent calamity. Let’s all pray for them and if we can, send some help. I hope that they and the residents of those areas receive the necessary help from the government and be able to recover ASAP.

On a positive note, I have some good news for the loyal readers/visitors of JaypeeOnline. But I won’t be talking about it here. I’ll be doing a separate post about it, so just watch out for it. Anyways, hope you folks enjoy this week’s edition of the Weekend Roundup.




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  1. @jan – I know. I hope that the government and our politicians, put aside their differences and work together to make sure that the victims get the help and resources they need to recover. I also hope that people won’t use these events to take advantage of other people and make money from them.

    Yes, we need to keep praying for them especially our friend Gem. Btw, my dad is now back home. Thanks for your prayers. :)

    You’re welcome. It was a well written post and quite catchy title. Hehe

  2. Yeah, we’ve been on the receiving end of misfortunes lately, Jaypee. I’m hoping enough help from the national government and civic minded people reach our unfortunate countrymen in Northern Luzon the soonest possible time. Your father, our good friend Gem, and the people affected are in our prayers.

    Thanks for including my cheeky post in your weekly roundup of blog links. :)

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