Weekend Roundup #46

How’s everyone doin? Hope you guys had a good weekend. I’m sure most of you did, especially the Filipinos and boxing fans who watched the Pacquiao vs. Hatton match. It was quite a busy weekend for me with several church activities and of course having to watch Manny Pacquiao’s fight. Then spent the whole day Sunday for family time thats why this edition of the Weekend Round is a bit delayed. Hope you guys like and learn something from these links I’ve gathered all over the web. Enjoy!




Pinoy Blogs

JaypeeOnline Weekly Recap

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Thank you for your time and hope you guys have a great week!

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  1. @K – I was also surprised and glad when I first heard from my mom that there are thermal cameras installed in our International airports. I know its not gonna keep the country 100% safe from Swine Flu but atleast its a very good preventive measure.

    At least you only have 1 case in HK so far. Here in the US, there are already more than 400 cases and 49 of those are here in California. Mas nakakatakot dito samin. :P

    Bless you! Hehe

  2. On Swine Flu: It’s good to know our country is doing some precautionary measures. I certainly hope the thermal-camera in our Airport works. In HK alone, even they have those in the Airport, may nakapasok pa rin. HK has now 1 positive H1N1 case.

    Sneeze Excuse me. ;)

  3. @Roy – Yup, that’s part of my daily blog routine and I also need to do it for this weekly feature. Besides, its also a good way to keep myself from getting writer’s block. Amazing? Not really. Time consuming? Yes! Hehe

    You need to read that article. Very interesting. Makes us bloggers who live in countries with freedom of speech to appreciate what we have.

  4. @Jeff – There are many ways to do it but the ones jan mentioned are the basic ones. You could also follow the top blogs of your niche and see what they’re blogging about, what their readers are saying/asking, etc.

    @jan – Thanks for answering Jeff’s question.

  5. So you still have time to go around and blog hop in spite of all the works you put in your blog?

    Amazing really!

    That topic on "10 Worst Countries to be a Blogger" sound interesting! I guess I'll check it out ;)

  6. @Jeff: This is how I do it. Go to each of the following: google blog search, twitter, technorati, etc. and set alerts for your chosen keywords in your internet marketing niche. Each of this site has RSS feed – subscribe to it with your specific keywords. Google has of course google alerts. Be prepared to be flooded with every tidbits out there. But that's a small price to pay. You'd be kept abreast of what's hot, what's been talked about, and even developing trends.

    You can also set up alerts for keywords you're interested in in the news so you'd have materials of news and other development in your field of interest.

    And while you're there, you might as well set up alerts for your name and the name of your blog so you'd hear every single instance when your name and your blog is mentioned anywhere on the web. Just my two cents. lol

  7. Sir I just want to suggest if you could blog something about where to find articles to put into your blog. Lot’s of blogger specially those in internet marketing business often wonder where will they find fresh content besides writing in their own. Where to get ideas and how will google crawl or find those content that they put to their blog in order to gain traffic.

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