Weekend Roundup #42

Hi guys! Hope everyone’s doing good. I know the folks in the Philippines are enjoying a long weekend as Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor) which is a national holiday celebrated every 9th of April was moved to Monday, April 6th. My weekend was okay although we weren’t able to go to church because my son didn’t feel well and vomited in the car so we ended up going home. Saturday night, I got to spend time with family and meet my aunt, uncle and cousin who came from Germany. Sunday, we had to drive to Los Angeles to see our lawyer thats why I wasn’t able to publish this post earlier. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy this edition of the Weekend Roundup!




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Thank you for your time and hope you guys have a great week!

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  1. @elmot – He got banned because he used his nickname Tonton and Facebook doesn’t know that this is a common thing among Filipinos. They should’ve known about this in the first place and they should change their rules if they want more Filipinos to join Facebook.

  2. im checking too on that pinoy banned by FB from using his real name. duhhh…

    @jan: for sure, jayps could already make a good chests of catalogue out of his weekend round-ups eh

  3. @jan – That incident about the guy being banned from Facebook is really interesting. Update to that is it was finally fixed and got his account back.

    Librarian? When I was in grade school, I worked in a library as an assistant as part of my summer job to earn some money. Does that qualify? Hehe

    Well you could still be relaxing in the beach during Holy Week while reading this on your Amazon Kindle 2. ;)

  4. Well, are we in for some good reads again this time? I think so. I'm checking first that story about a Filipino who got banned from facebook. They must have a good reason for this, that much I can say. lol.

    If you're not your supreme highness of things geeky and all that, I'd be tempted to say you're fast shaping up to be one cool librarian. lol. But you're not. You're just you – trying to keep us busy reading all this when all we want to do is vegetate around the beach somewhere this Holy Week. hahaha.

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