Weekend Roundup #37

Hey folks! How are you all doing? Hope everyone’s having/had a great weekend. Its already March and this is the first edition of the Weekend Roundup for this month. This weekend’s schedule isn’t hectic for me so I’m able to publish this one early. Actually, I was planning on doing this last night, (Saturday) but my wife’s cousin came over to pick up her new laptop that I configured for her and spent a few minutes teaching her how to use it. Anyways, hope you enjoy this weeks edition of the Weekend Roundup.




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Thank you for your time and hope you guys have a great week!

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  1. @Gem – Yes you are. Hehe you’re welcome! :D

    Same here. I’m an avid fan of HappySlip and her videos. She’s really funny and entertaining.

    Bout the stickman puzzle, I want to do it but my IQ is not that high for those type of puzzles. :P

    Good to know that you’re daughter has recovered from her sickness.

  2. Hahaha.. I am featured! I am featured! Thanks! <em>very happy</em>

    I like Happy Slips videos. I am a fan of her too – I just love those funny videos from her. Oh, and her father's(?) hometown is just near my place (Pangasinan).

    I've been always wanting to do that Blue Stickman puzzle, but somehow I could not fit in that one solving puzzles last week because I was so busy taking care of my sick kid. She's now fine but I am still busy helping her catch up with school work.

  3. @elmot – HappySlip deserves all the recognition and accolades that she’s getting.

    I think that’s the second version of Jehzeel’s stickman puzzle and it’s a bit different from the first one and I’m not good with those type of puzzles so I didn’t even bother to solve it. Hehe

  4. wow, happy slip won another recognition and from anvil at that!!! darn, she has really gone that far. jez”s blue stick man is still up too, i have a hard time figuring out the answer to that one.

  5. @aldwin – Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. Sorry but I don’t do any link exchanges right now. I’m sure there are a lot of other bloggers who’d be willing to do that. Have a nice day!

  6. What a nice blog. I have not yet looked at the content, but I like very much the attitude that permeates everything here. I am all absorbed in what I am doing right now so I won’t distract myself further by getting drawn into the vortex of good feeling stuff that you have here. But, I look forward to your tweets and will pay attention.

    As a new blogger — not even to my first post yet, i just got ‘er up — you are an inspiration.

  7. @jan – I think most of us like bloopers. Laughter is the best medicine, right?

    Are you serious? You haven’t heard of Happy Slip before? Well I’m glad to help introduce her to you. :)

  8. I have a soft spot for bloopers so I will have to check out Blogs: Business Boosters or Bloopers. We get to read about the business boosters part of it, that’s why.

    Happy Slip? Well, never heard of it before. Oh, I’m in a happy state of ignorance then. hahaha. Will check this out, too.

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