Weekend Roundup #22

If you’ve noticed, I haven’t updated that much recently and there’s only been one post since my last weekend roundup. I’ve been really busy the last few days dealing with some personal matters and I just didn’t have the time to finish my drafts or come up with a new post. My apologies and I hope you guys understand. Anyways, here’s the latest roundup and hope you guys like it. Enjoy!

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  • Don’t want Google or other search engines to index your images? Hack WordPress has this short but effective tutorial on preventing search engines from indexing your images. This method is advisable for blogs or websites that use a lot of custom images and don’t want it to be spread across the world wide web for others to get or use.
  • Wanna build a Quad Core desktop but have a tight budget? Jon Lee’s latest article will show you how you can build a Quad Core desktop for $500. You can really save a lot if you buy the parts and assemble it yourself. If you can’t do that, you can ask a friend or someone you know and still save money.
  • Do you spend a lot of time watching television? If so, you are wasting a lot of your valuable time. Why not blog instead? Katy points out four reasons why blogging is better than television programming.
  • Andy MacDonald writes over at BloggingTips on how to become successful in blogging by making an impression. Good read if you want to learn more on how to improve your writing/blogging skills.

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  1. @K – Yup, in your case you don’t need to index your images. You only do that if you host the images yourself and if you want to use it to increase traffic to your site or blog. Although doing so also increases bandwidth usage.

    You’re welcome! I believe that you can still have “comment conversations” even if the comments are moderated. I agree, a few good quality comments are better many useless comments. :D

  2. @Andy – Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! Wasn’t expecting it but only a few authors drop by and thank me like you did. Appreciate it.

    I’m sure I’ll be including one of your future articles in coming episodes of my Weekend Roundup. :D

  3. Hey, Just a quick comment to say thanks for linking to my article over at bloggingtips.com. Im glad you enjoyed it enough to post it in your weekly round-up, hopefully you’ll like some of my future article enough to use some of them too.

    Thanks again
    Andy Macdonald

  4. There’s no point for me to do indexing images from blog in which most of my images are stored in my flickr account. But I am certain that no one would steal (well a fellow blogger did once, tho) my photos unless I am a popular celebrity, hahaha.

    Thanks for the links, almost everyone else encourage about the “comment conversations” strategy but when I first had my blog, it was interesting, nowadays, I value more of the quality comments than quantity.

  5. @Dre – Thanks! Glad you liked the links and found something useful. I’m also trying to learn more about StumbleUpon and maybe you can share some tips with me. :D

  6. @trench – You’re welcome! I included that article because I know there are still other Adsense publishers who aren’t aware of it.

    Glad to know that this weekend roundup helped you and thanks for the link love! :D

  7. @McBilly – Thank you! I’m no longer a student so it doesn’t matter if its summer or not. Hehe :D

    Anyways, bout the spam blog issue I left a comment in Jezhlau’s blog where I said that what happened to him could’ve been a blessing in disguise because if it didn’t happen he wouldn’t have moved to a self-hosted WordPress and still be in Blogger. :D

  8. whoa! Thanks for the info on the google adsense terms! I showed some love in return for your help!!! :mrgreen:

  9. @Dexter – You’re always welcome kabayan! ;)

    I guess Google or Blogger should fix their system or like in the case of Jehzeel, at least respond to requests faster. It’s always good to have backups. Happy blogging to you too! :D

  10. @Jezhlau – I’m not sure but I guess there’s something in your blog that triggers a red flag in their system. Anyways, it’s good to see your blog back online and welcome to WordPress! ;)

  11. That’s alright Jaypee. We understand that personal matters comes first. Hopefully, we will have more time when summer time comes. Thanks for the love buddy.

    Regarding, the spam blog concern. This is a good example why it’s better to have your own wordpress blog than to host it with blogspot. I do hope it gets sorted out soon. Cheers Jaypee :D

  12. Thanks for the link Jaypee , It is really alarming that Blogspot is marking some Blog as spam.. The moment I knew about it.. I started making back up of my Earning Blogspot Blog just in case I will have the same faith as Jezh,

    Happy Blogging.

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