Hello everyone and welcome to the 173rd edition of the Weekend Roundup. My apologies for publishing this edition very late. Been really busy the past couple of days – had a family emergency and had to take my wife to the hospital last Sunday then had to take her again earlier today to see her doctor.

Anyway, hope you all had a great weekend and hope that you like reading the articles and links I’ve shared in this roundup. I’ll be announcing the names of the winners for the WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe Review & Giveaway and the WebDesy SEO Crash Course for WordPress Users Review & Giveaway tomorrow.

Don’t forget about the on-going $10,500 ThanksGiving Giveaway for a chance to win awesome prizes such as premium WordPress themes, premium WordPress plugins, online services (CDN, SEO) and other awesome prizes as well as the November Nexus 7 Giveaway where you could win a brand new (2nd generation) 16GB Nexus 7.




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