7 Tips of Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email Marketing

(There is no doubt that a successful digital marketing strategy involves email marketing. It is the fastest way to engage with new users and it is effective. It is a modern technique and a very smart way of using the existence of emails. It is the way the company makes sure a particular product is advertised to the client through emails sent every day automatically. It is quite an interesting marketing technique).

Every day thousands and millions of people receive emails from various companies such as top-mom whom they used once or twice. These emails are sent to promote the company’s items and make them look attractive. It is to make the new users buy the item from the company. It is a modern-day marketing technique. It is highly effective and enhances the sale of the company. Often customers open those emails and reach the website of the company. The marketing publications’ strategies are under digital marketing. One of the strategies is newsletters. Customers who subscribe to the newsletters will receive newsletters through emails which are an interesting email marketing strategy. Below are 7 tips for effective email marketing campaign and marketing publications.

7 Tips of Successful Email Marketing Campaign

1) Instantly Appealing Subject

To make an appealing subject for your email, you have to think in the most unique way. Write a subject of the email and ask if you will click on that email just by reading the subject. It has to be striking and intriguing. It should grab the attention of the customer and it has to be attractive. It is one of the most interesting parts of promoting your item and it deserves time and work. Never miss the opportunity to grab attention through the subject of the email.

2) Smartphone Friendly Email

Everywhere you go, you will see people using their Smartphones all the time. It is natural in this modern world as the device has become an integral part of our world and work. So the email you’re sending to your customer has to be designed to look attractive and user-friendly on their Smartphone. Otherwise, they are going to delete it or never open it.

3) Automated Response

It is the way to make your customers feel that they have been heard. It is an important way to make your customers stick with your company and feel important. It is a new technique that came up in the marketing publications in this modern age of the internet. You can provide an instant response to your customer through this automated response and give them an estimated time when their query will be responded to.

4) Aim of Your Marketing

In marketing publications, they will tell you that before starting the campaign of email marketing, you need to know your target audience. Whom are you trying to attract? What is your aim? What do you want to achieve out of this email marketing campaign? First, figure this out and then proceed with the steps.

5) Balanced Email

Your email should not have too many exclamation marks or words like offers and promotions. This will make your email look unattractive and will be marked as spam. It should be well balanced and must look intriguing and sophisticated.

6) Easy To Read Design

Make it easy for your customer to go through your email in a glance and know what is in there. It should be easy to read and easy to glance at. It should be fun and attractive and exciting. Nowadays everyone is busy and they do not have the time to go through brand promotion emails for one hour. So it is best to make your email customer-friendly but making it brief yet intriguing.

7) Make It Seem Personal

This one has made into several digital marketing news sources as one of the top effective ways to make your email marketing campaign work. In this way, you can make your customer feel heard and appreciated. You cannot send the same email to thousands of customers like the old days.

The email should feel personal as if the subject line of the email is personalized then customers are bound to open it. You have the information about the customers including the likes and dislikes. So, you should frame the email and the offers in such a way that it fits their requirements and wants. You can divide your customers into parts based on the likes and send personalized emails to each part. This way you are making them feel appreciated. Also, you need to give your customers who have stuck with you from the start, a personalized discount. This will make them feel loved and they will always stick with your service.


In the age of social media, one might think emails will fail. But it is wrong as email marketing works and that’s where email marketing campaign comes in. Like if a person is l and if the new user gets a discount email from the same website then the new user will most like buy it. This is how you can turn a new user into a customer. It is all about offers, promotion, and creativity.

This is a guest contribution by Elizabeth Barlettah, a wife and a mother of four bouncing babies. She is a financial planner who chose to work at home after her second delivery and study everything and write about it in her blog. Knowing everything about strategic planning after her delivery she had to learn how to choose the best gifts for a 2-year-old girl on top-mom.com. She maintains joy, love, and warmth in the family and writes about it at her blog.

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