Reduce Lag in Windows 10 Laptops While Gaming

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Has this ever happened to you?

You’re in the zone with flaming fingers as you game your heart out on your Windows 10 gaming laptop! Or, you would be if it was not for the dreaded lag that is seriously putting a dent on your game night! Well, we are here to help because we are going to help you make game night a breeze by avoiding the dreaded lag on your Windows 10 gaming laptop!

1. Close The Less Than Necessary Pop-Up Windows

Studies have shown that even though you can multitask on certain activities during your day to day lives, if you actually settle down and time yourself, then you will find that it’s actually faster to do one activity at a time when compared to doing two activities simultaneously. Therefore, try to close any unnecessary windows that you might have open in order for your computer to focus all of its power onto your gaming. I am sure you don’t need to watch a cat playing the piano while you are supposed to battling zombies in your game!

Pick The Ultimate Place To Do Your Gaming
Look at a standard building for this example. You are going to have spots that are colder than others and spots that are hotter than others. It’s normal and this is likely how your house is as well when talking about the concept of wifi strength.

Where Is Your WiFi Hotspot?
Each house, therefore, has its areas where the wifi is at its ultimate strength and where it’s wifi is at its lowest strength. Take the time to explore your house and find out where the speediest wifi connection can be found.

2. Have The Top Of The Line Equipment

It’s hard to teach an old laptop new tricks such as how to keep up to speed with your lightning fast gaming fingers. Like everything in this world, including gaming accessories such as keyboards, joysticks, earphones, and such other equipment while we are on this topic, nothing lasts forever.

New Technology Is Faster And Better
If you feel like your laptop is lagging behind during your gaming sessions then it’s probably time to get a new laptop. If you need help in finding the right laptop to change to for your gaming needs, then check out this article by our friends at Portablemonkey!

3. Make Sure That You Are The Only One On Your WiFi Network

Think about it. It’s a well-known fact that the more people that are using a particular wifi network, the slower it will be. So if you have your roommate talking on Skype in his room, your girlfriend researching online for her soon to be due English assignment, your mom trying to watch the latest episode of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix as well as your little nephew trying to update his status on Facebook, there’s not going to a hell of a lot of speedy wifi power left for you to do all of your gaming desires.

Learn About Off-Peak Hours
Every home is different because the people living inside that home is different. Everyone has their own jobs, school, and personal schedules that are unique to them and them alone so if you can, try to go online to do your gaming during your home’s off-peak hours, preferably when there is the least amount of people using the same wifi network.

But what if you are a social gamer?
This being said, I know that some of you out there reading this are social gamers, whether this means you invite other gamers to your house to play or you like to play with the company of your family.

What to do if you do multiplayer games?
If this is the case, then make sure that you and your gaming buddies that play with you are gaming at the house that has the strongest wifi or you and your buddies can play in the comfort of your own homes and talk with each other through your electronic devices such as facetime, web cameras, and Skype.

On the other hand, if you like to play your computer games while other family members or friends live with you and will be home with you at the same time as your gaming sessions then try to invite them to watch you play instead of going on their devices to access the internet on the same wifi network that you are currently using.

4. Get what you need before you start lighting up the screen

If you ask any technological expert what not to do with your laptop, you will likely get the response or do not do repetition. Repetition is when you do the same action over and over again and can cover a wide range of activities such as constantly turning your laptop on and off or recharging your laptop every 5 minutes.

Do it once
This being said, your laptop is going to experience repetition if you constantly have to pause the game to go and do another activity every few minutes or so such as getting a snack, answering the phone, walking the dog, going to the washroom, and so forth. So, try and get everything you need for your gaming session prepped and within hands reach before you start your online adventure into whatever realm you choose to game within.

5. Did you remember to charge your laptop?

People need a full night’s worth of sleep in order to be recharged for the next day. Your laptop, while we are on the same page, is no different and will perform at its fastest when it is fully charged. In conclusion, we recommend making sure that your Windows 10 laptop battery is fully charged before you get busy gaming with it.

But can you remember to charge your laptop?
On the downside, some of us out there can be a little forgetful when it comes to remembering to charge your laptop. If this is the case for you then don’t be ashamed as you are not alone. If you, like other people out there in the online gaming world, have trouble remembering to charge your Windows 10 laptop, then try to leave your laptop area and charger in a clear visual place in your house as a clear cue to jumpstart your memory daily.

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