Windows Live Messenger

windows live messenger

Earlier this week I received an invite for Windows Live Messenger Beta, which I requested from Kristin. Thanks Kristin! I’ve started using it and I think it’s cool and a bit better than Yahoo Messenger. I really like the design of the user interface as well as the cool new features like new emoticons and being able to make PC-to-PC calls.

Windows Live Messenger Beta Features

  • Send all your familiar winks and emoticons, plus some cool new ones
  • Have real-time text, video and voice conversations*
  • Call your friends’ mobile or land-line telephones by signing up for MCI Web
  • Calling to make affordable domestic and international calls
  • Easily share documents of all kinds with Sharing Folders
  • Make free PC-to-PC calls with other Messenger users

*Both parties must have compatible Web cameras, speakers, and microphones.

System Requirements

  • Multimedia PC
  • Pentium 233 MHz process (500 MHz recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Minimum 128 MB of RAM (256 MB recommended)
  • Up to 50 MB of hard disk space for installation, 15 MB to run the program.
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 6 SP1 or later must be installed on your computer, though it does not need to be your default.
  • Minimum 800 x 600 screen resolution

Today, I received a notification that I have 5 invites that I could give away but I’m left with 3 because I already promised one to Abe and another one to a friend. So if you want an invite, just post a comment with your email address. The first four people to post will get the invites. First come, first served!

Anybody else using Windows Live Messenger? Which feature/s do you like best? Please share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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  1. @Ayel – thanks for droppin by.

    @trench – i sent it to bobat at yourdomain dot com. you could give me a different email address. i think you also need to check your domain email coz i remember that kristin also sent you an invite but you didn't get it. the email could've been considered as spam.

  2. need for that fresh install. i looked into the codes and i found out that the theme's stylesheet was missing some info for the navigation. so after i added the necessary data, problem solved! now, for the gravatar. still can't figure out what's wrong with it.

  3. Jaypee, Im not sure what to tell you. When I run into big problems that annoy me I normally create a fresh install of WP and redirect my database to it. It normally clears up any errors. I would test first on a clean install to be sure thats your issue.

  4. the messenger and your desktop image BOTH look so cool :) can i get an invitation for the messenger (and the copy of your wallpaper please ;)

  5. ei Jamal, thanks for droppin by. you don't like Kobe eh? hehe. it's all good. yeah, 81 pts was spectacular and i watched it live on TV. later on i can tell my kids that i saw it happen before my own eyes. hehe

  6. The messenger looks cool, although I've always been an AIM guy myself. Your desktop image, on the other hand, not so cool (I'll admit that 81 pts was pretty amazing though).

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