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If you have spent any amount of time with the rest of society, you most likely have witnessed numerous people with their faces and fingers focused intensely on their cell phones. Texting and instant messaging has hooked more fans than any other social networking tool. Texting is a cultural phenomenon, and its omnipresence is easy to explain.

What Group Sends the Most Texts?

Anyone who has ever owned a BlackBerry has probably used some form of instant messaging. Texting through a smartphone is the quickest and easiest way to cyber mingle. Even those clinging to their old flip phones have most likely sent a text greeting or two. Text messages can be transmitted from computers and notebooks as well.

While teenagers seem to be the biggest text groupies, older and younger generations have joined the thralls. Professionals use instant messaging to manage their affairs, while young children check in with parents via texts. Short message services are prevalent in nearly every social situation, and they continue to be the core revenue for telecommunication companies.

Why is Texting so Captivating?

If you have ever sent a text message, you may be guilty of walking into a wall or missing out on vital bits of information in a social situation. Texting is an enthralling stimulant that promises instant gratification. Whether or not the receiver of the text responds immediately, the sender can share his or her thoughts on the spot. Not even self-glorifying networks like Facebook or Twitter can provide such instantaneous satisfaction.

One of the greatest joys of texting is that it essentially gives people power. Men, women and children of all ages can communicate when and where they wish. The messages do not require instant attention, which makes texting a noninvasive form of interaction. Texting is appropriate in most situations as well. Messages can be quickly scanned and answered at a later time.

What are the Secret Benefits of Texting?

The advantages to sending texts are some of the best-kept secrets in the world of communication. For the younger generation, texting involves the use of a covert code. The shortened language often leaves parents struggling to decipher the simplest phrases. Today’s youth craves privacy, and sending a text that reads like a bomb diffusing instruction is one way to achieve it.

For older text enthusiasts, the benefits are even more enigmatic. Text messaging is an accepted form of entertainment for even the most unsocial person. It’s a way for the withdrawn, shy types to feel part of the world around them. Sharing an intimate or confidential text message also allows an individual to communicate in ways he or she normally couldn’t.

Sending instant or text messages has become a fundamental part of how people manage their lives. It is a concise and quick way of relaying valuable information, but it is also self-gratifying communication. Many businesses and personal relationships thrive on the ubiquitous thumb-speak fad, and the fixation on instant socializing seems to intensify every day.

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