Back in the day when computers were still huge and very expensive, only big organizations and companies had computers. Even when the personal computer was introduced, only a few people were able to own a computer because they cost an arm and leg. However today, computers are no longer a luxury but a must-have for everyone. It’s also become a part of everyday life – at home, at school, and at work and plays an important role in our society.

Among the top 20 best paying jobs, four are computer-based professions – Computer Systems Analyst, Information Security Analyst, IT Manager and Software Developer. Other jobs, although they are not computer-based and belong to different fields of expertise – Medical, Business, Construction, Finance, etc. they all still deal with computers because company systems (accounting, inventory, etc.), databases and other parts of the business are now computerized.

If you’re about to start or planning on switching to a different career or maybe you just want to inquire about a new set of in-demand skills, then you should learn a programming language. Nowadays, there are a lot of sources available online so you don’t have to enroll in school and pay tuition. You can teach yourself how to program by using the various resources on the Internet.

For those who are new to this and have no idea about programming, there are types of programming languages, and choosing the right one for you could be overwhelming or confusing. Each programming language has its advantages and disadvantages and they have their own particular uses. To help you choose the right programming language to learn, check out the infographic below.

what code should you learn

The choice of which language to learn depends on your career goals so no matter which language you choose, these programming skills are in-demand and pay very well. Hope this infographic helped you in selecting the right programming language to learn and help pave the way to your career happiness & success.

SOURCE: What Code Should You Learn? by WhoIsHostingThis

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